How to Choose and Style a Waterfall Console Table 

Waterfall edges are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, from kitchen islands to furniture design. A waterfall console table is an entry table with a continuous flow from the tabletop to the base. This design is an excellent place to show off this beautiful form. These tables, placed in an entry or foyer, are an ideal way to showcase your personal style.

Waterfall console table

In addition to its beauty and unique style, this table can support the better functioning of family life with additional storage that is also attractive. You can add ample extra storage to a waterfall console table because of the large open space below the table.

waterfall console table
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The first waterfall furniture became popular in the 1930s and 1940s and was the everyday Art Deco furniture of the time. It featured a so-called waterfall edge because of the continuous line of the horizontal planes into the vertical planes, which mimicked the flowing of a waterfall. Most waterfall furniture at this time featured rounded edges.

The waterfall console table has become a popular current trend because of its sleek and spare style. Some current renditions of this style still feature curved edges. However, there are also more angular interpretations of the style. Waterfall edges still refer to a continuous line from the horizontal to the vertical, but many modern wood waterfall tables have sharp corners. The wood grain of modern waterfall tables flows from the top piece and continues down the leg supports in a straight line to the floor.

A waterfall console table

Using a Waterfall Console Table

Waterfall console tables are known for their sleek and simple design, making them suitable for a variety of settings. They can help enhance the style of the room and add functionality in a wide variety of locations.

  • Entry or hallway: Place a console table in your foyer or hallway as a designated location for keys, mail, and other essentials. They also serve as an important focal point in these small spaces.
  • Living room: Use a console table behind a sofa to create separation, or use one under a television for a minimalist TV console.
  • Dining room: A waterfall console table in a dining room can provide valuable extra storage as well as additional display or serving space.
  • Bedroom: Consider a console table in the bedroom as a stylish alternative to a vanity table.
  • Home office: Extend your work space or add extra storage space for office supplies with a console table.
  • Under a window: A slim, waterfall console table fits neatly under windows and provides the ideal location for plants that require sunlight.
  • Guest room: Use a waterfall console table in a guest room for a vanity or as a place to set their luggage.

Choosing a Waterfall Console Table

Waterfall Console Table Ideas That Are Functional and Gorgeous
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Finding the right waterfall console table for your space involves weighing a variety of factors to ensure that it works for your needs in the long term.

Consider Your Space

Measure the area where you intend to use a console table. Take note of the width and height of the space to ensure a proper fit. Choose a table that fits the proportions of the room and the scale of the other furniture. It should not overwhelm or disappear in the space.


Define the purpose of the console table in the room. Consider if you need it for style, room separation, or to create a focal point in your space. If you want your console table to have storage, choose a design with drawers or a lower shelf. The height of the table should work for its intended use, whether for serving, behind a sofa, or under a TV.

Style and Design

Consider the materials of the waterfall table. Popular materials are acrylic, wood, metal, stone, and glass. Certain materials will complement distinct decor styles. Unless you are decorating the room from scratch, choose a waterfall console table that complements your existing furniture, decor, and color scheme.


Waterfall console tables come in a variety of finishes and qualities. Some feature sleek glass or mirrored material, and others have a sturdy wood or metal finish. Consider the needs of your family and where you will want to place the console table. In high traffic areas, delicate console finishes are not a lasting choice.


Set a budget when shopping for a console table to help you narrow down your options and avoid overspending. Keep in mind that higher-quality console tables may be more expensive, so it is important to strike a balance between durability and cost.


Choose a console table that can be adaptable to the changing needs of your home and family. Versatile waterfall console tables can be used in a variety of rooms and settings, giving you greater design flexibility.

Read Reviews

Research brands and manufacturers when you are looking for a console table. Customer reviews and other ratings will give you insight into the durability, style, and related user experience during the purchase.

Steps for Styling a Waterfall Console Table

Styling a console table
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Decorating a console table is a process that allows you to display your personality and tastes to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

  1. Create a Focal Point

Console tables against the wall look best when you create a focal point above them. This might include objects like a large mirror (or two), a piece of artwork, a gallery display of photos, or even a television.

  1. Use Relevant Items

The location of the console table will determine what items you should use to style it. In entryways, you might use a mix of aesthetic and functional pieces for the console table. Consider items like small baskets, boxes, vases, books, and lamps for a hallway console table that provide places for small items like keys and a wallet and provide visual interest. In a dining room, you might want to keep the surface decoration more spare to allow you to use it as extra serving space.

  1. Add Functionality

Functional items that work well on console tables include baskets, trays, and table lamps. Consider both the area on the surface of the console table and the area below. Many waterfall console tables have a large area below the table that works well for large baskets, boxes, or storing small stools for extra seating.

  1. Decor for Console Tables

Adding items that are interesting and attractive is a way to enhance the appeal of the table and add a touch of unique personality to your space. Fresh flowers or greenery in a stylish vase add color and vibrancy to a console table. Other decorative items that work well include candles, sculptures, books, and bowls.

  1. Balance and Symmetry

Use all the items you have sourced to achieve balance on the table. For the most classic look, arrange items to create symmetry. One easy way to do this is by arranging matching lamps on either side of the table. For a more eclectic look, arrange the console table items asymmetrically. To do this, add one large object, like a lamp or sculpture, on one side of the table and balance it with three small objects on the other side.

  1. Create Visual Interest and Depth

You can create interest on the console table by varying the height and texture of the items on the table. Keep large or tall items on the back and move short items forward. Combine materials like stone, wood, grass, metal, glass, and paper to add richness to your display.

  1. Edit and Minimize

Your console table may end up being a landing place for all of life’s clutter, so make sure to regularly declutter its surface. Do not be afraid of negative space on your console table. In fact, it can even make the decorations you have look more intentional.

  1. Readjust Over Time

The objects that you use to decorate your console table do not need to last indefinitely. Decorate your table, but don’t be afraid to adjust and change out your objects as needed because of changing needs, seasons, or tastes.