Waterfall Console Table Ideas That Are Functional and Gorgeous

Waterfall edges are enjoying a resurgence in popularity from kitchen islands to furniture design. A waterfall console table is a perfect place to show off this beautiful form.

Waterfall Console Table

These tables, placed in an entry or foyer, are an ideal way to showcase your personal style. 

In addition to its beauty and unique style, this table can support the better functioning of family life with additional storage that is also attractive.

simple white console
White Lane Decor

You can add ample extra storage to a waterfall console table because of the large open space below the table.

A Waterfall Console Table: What Is It?

A Waterfall Console Table: What Is It?
West Elm

The first waterfall furniture became popular in the 1930s and 1940s and was the everyday Art Deco furniture of the time.

It featured a so-called waterfall edge because of the continuous line of the horizontal planes into the vertical planes which mimicked the flowing of a waterfall. Most waterfall furniture at this time featured rounded edges.

A waterfall console table

The waterfall console table in particular has become a popular current trend because of its sleek and spare style. Some current renditions of this style still feature curved edges. However, there are also more angular interpretations of the style.

Waterfall edges still refer to a continuous line from the horizontal to the vertical, but many modern wood waterfall tables have sharp corners.

The wood grain of modern waterfall tables flows from the top piece and continues down the leg supports in a straight line to the floor.

Styling A Waterfall Console Table

Styling a console table
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Styling a console table is personal, and you should let your own style and personality dictate how you decorate the table. However, here are a few tips to get you started.

Choose a statement item like a large piece of wall art, a set of smaller pieces, or a mirror to place above the table. Hang the item or arrangement at eye-level to keep it anchored to the console table.

Next, add any lighting that you need for the area. Your table may be long enough to use one lamp at each end for a more symmetrical look.

Next, add some decorative items like vases, sets of books, clocks, live or faux plants, sculptures, and other items. Keep the table from looking one dimensional by adding things of different heights. Don’t forget to include content of various textures to create a layered look.

Last, find storage that works with the table. For instance, with a waterfall console table, there is ample space below. Search for large baskets that can store shoes, toys, and blankets that work for your style table.

Waterfall console table buying guide

We have rounded up our favorite waterfall console tables of different styles and read the recommendations to bring you some of the best designs that we can find.

Waterfall inlay console table

Waterfall inlay console table

This is an elegant example of a waterfall console table that has a classic shape and was designed with attention to detail.

It is finished with small inlaid tiles inlaid in variegated colors of gray, ivory, and white. The open bottom is the perfect place to store things like large baskets for storage and poufs for extra seating. Find this item from the Etsy shop, InlayCraftsStore.

Espresso black waterfall console table

Waterfall console table

This console table has been crafted with a clean and sleek style. It has a rich, dark veneer that looks dramatic in any space. Its flexible design works well with contemporary, modern, Scandi, or transitional design styles. Find this at The Home Lighting Shop.

Acrylic waterfall console table

Waterfall console table

The acrylic console table has become a favorite addition in many home design styles. Because it is so minimal in shape and design, it creates the perfect foundation for each item that you want to display. Use it for anything from a console table to a dressing table or a desk. This table is available from Wayfair LLC at Etta Avenue.

Wood waterfall console table

Wood waterfall console table

This wood table is beautiful in its simplicity. Dress this table up with some brass accents for rustic glam or keep it simple for a minimalist design.

Either way, it is the ideal foundation for any interior design. This table is another of the many brands available from Wayfair LLC.

White waterfall console table

White waterfall console table

This lacquered linen horseshoe console table from CB2 has a subtle texture that elevates this table from casual to elegant.

While this table is more contemporary in style, it works well with modern, eclectic, and bohemian decor. There is also a black version of this table, and both of these products have stellar reviews.

Glass waterfall console table

Glass waterfall console table
Safavieh Store

If you want a product that is subtle but don’t like the feel of acrylic, consider this glass console table. This is a waterfall console table with a shelf for extra storage potential.

This table design works well with contemporary decor, but it would also look amazing in an eclectic or retro space.

DIY waterfall console table

DIY waterfall console table
Jen Woodhouse

Create your own table with these instructions from Jen Woodhouse. That way, you can customize your table to store all the accessories you need like toys for your kids or a tray for the keys you are always forgetting.

Jen has a downloadable set of instructions on her site that will answer your questions regarding the tools and materials you need for this project.

You can also find helpful videos online to help you build a waterfall console table step-by-step.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What can a console table be used for?

Console tables are narrow tables that can be used in areas or on walls where you need to add extra storage or visual interest. If space is tight, you can also use these tables as desks or dressing vanities.

What should you put on a console table?

What you put on a console table should be based on how you use a specific area and if the console table is there for decorative or functional purposes. For example, if your console table is in the first room that guests see, display decorative items like a vase, books, decorative boxes, and lamps. However, if you also need to make it functional, make sure that you include items for storage like baskets for toys and trays for keys.

Where is the best place to put a console table?

Because of their sleek form, you can put a console table anywhere where it will fit. This includes an entry wall, behind a sofa, a kitchen wall to be used as a desk, a bedroom wall where you can use it as a vanity or a dining room to be used as a buffet.

What is the difference between a console table and a sofa table?

While most console tables are about 33 inches high, most sofa tables are lower in order that they are not higher than the back of a sofa.

What is a waterfall edge?

A waterfall edge is one that makes a 90 degree turn from the horizontal plane to the vertical plane. This can either have a sharp corner or a rounded corner. This is popular for kitchen island designs as well as the edges of furniture.

Console Table: Conclusion

Console tables are an ideal way to create a focal point on a blank wall and add functionality to your interior spaces. Waterfall console tables are a classic choice for console tables because they have a historic style that will always look timeless. However, the best thing about these tables is that you don’t have to decide between these two options; you can have the best of both worlds at the same time.