Farmhouse Chairs for Relaxed and Beautiful Style

The style known as farmhouse has become one of the defining design styles of the current era. Farmhouse chairs are one of the most defining elements of a particular brand of farmhouse style be it modern, rustic, or traditional.

Farmhouse Chairs

These chairs bring beauty and style to our dining room table or as a part of our living room decor. Moreover, there is an amazing array of farmhouse chair styles to consider, each a work of art in its own way.

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Liz Marie

Farmhouse chairs: Defining a style

The farmhouse style embodies the rustic charms of country life: a beautiful but practical style that embraces modern comforts while still giving a nod to a more historic sense of design.

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Rocky Hedge

Most farmhouse chairs feature simple elements like wood, metal, and leather. In addition, they have a functional and durable structure rather than just ornamental.

There are many different variations of farmhouse-style chairs, but here are three main categories.

  • Traditional farmhouse chair – These chairs prioritize function over form. Most traditional farmhouse chairs use wood as the base. Also, they have a straight style with little in the way of decoration.
  • Modern farmhouse chair – In contrast, modern farmhouse is a more sleek and less rustic interpretation of the farmhouse style. While these chairs use wood, leather, and metal, they have a lighter and more minimal look than traditional farmhouse chairs.
  • Rustic farmhouse chair – Rustic farmhouse chairs utilizes raw and distressed wood elements. Rather than tailored and minimal, this style can be more substantial in form.

Farmhouse chair designs for inspiration

There are so many varieties of farmhouse chairs. We have gathered some that define the style. Consider how you can add these amazing chairs to your own spaces.

Black farmhouse chairs

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Upscale Construction

This dining space features a farmhouse table and chairs that embody simplicity. The design of the table is spare and straight with a medium brown wood tone. Likewise, the chairs are black and have a simple shape, yet they are mismatched giving the space an eclectic look that echoes the style of the chandelier and wall art.

Metal farmhouse chairs

Metal farmhouse chairsView in gallery
Grover Electric and Plumbing Supply

The interior designer for this space has blended a more traditional farmhouse look with a modern style. In contrast to the modern metal chairs, the upholstered end chairs and the dining table elevate the style. However, both are balanced by the clean style of the dining room.

White farmhouse chairs

White farmhouse chairsView in gallery
The Lilypad Cottage

These white dining chairs have a quintessential farmhouse style. They are a version of the popular Windsor chairs. These are wooden chairs with slender spindles forming the backrest of the chair attached to a lower wood seat. In short, if you want a traditional farmhouse dining chair, you can’t go wrong with a Windsor.

Round farmhouse table and chairs

Round farmhouse table and chairsView in gallery
Liz Marie

This stylish dining area is the perfect addition to this kitchen. The round table is petite in size allowing you to tuck it in an obliging corner. The natural cane chairs have warm texture and color that counterbalances the all-white surrounding.

Elegant farmhouse dining chairs

Elegant farmhouse dining chairsView in gallery
Joss & Main

If you like the simplicity and textures of farmhouse style but it seems too rustic for you, consider a more slender farmhouse chair style.

These dining chairs from Joss & Main are another Windsor variety, but notice the more delicate spindles and head support. Also, the color of these chairs add a contrasting color in the space and echo the color of the mirror.

Upholstered farmhouse dining chairs

Upholstered farmhouse dining chairsView in gallery
Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC

For good reason, many people with and without kids shy away from furniture with upholstery for the dining room. However, they have an unmistakable look of elegance and comfort that is hard to match with other materials.

The interior designer, Laura Fox, uses dark gray on these dining chairs which serves a dual purpose. Above all, this color covers stains better than lighter ones and at the same time provides a moody touch in this all white space.

Farmhouse accent chairs for the living room

Farmhouse accent chairs for the living roomView in gallery
A Thoughtful Place

Farmhouse chairs are most popular in the dining room, but living room furniture that includes farmhouse accent chairs are a way to bring this comfortable style to an important room.

This upholstered accent chair works for many styles, and adds elegant sophistication in farmhouse design.

Rustic farmhouse chairs

Rustic farmhouse chairsView in gallery
From Britain With Love

This kitchen dining area is brought to us by From Britain With Love. This rustic room utilizes mismatched wooden farmhouse kitchen chairs of various colors that have a distressed style.

This comfortable-style kitchen is the perfect place to rest awhile with a cup of tea and good book.

Leather dining chairs

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Public 311 Design | Photographing Interiors + Lifestyle Brands

This modern farmhouse dining room is one of contrasts. These woven leather dining chairs provide the texture for this sleek space as well as the contrast of a dark color.

The rug and the Roman shades have a spare style allowing the pendant light and dining ensemble to dominate the room.

Leather accent chair

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Town and Country Living

Who can’t use the perfect leather accent chair? These chairs work with so many styles including rustic and traditional farmhouse. They look great in a reading nook in an office or living room. Further, change out the pillows and change the whole look of the piece.

Modern farmhouse dining chairs

Modern farmhouse dining chairsView in gallery
Jennifer Robin Interiors

We love that there is seating of all varieties at this one table; there are stools for the young or young at heart, a cushy bench fitted with plush pillows, and modern wood chairs. The modern black farmhouse chairs in this kitchen nook offer a splash of contrast with the earthy neutral tones found throughout.

Mixed modern and traditional farmhouse seating

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Jeffrey Hitchcock Enterprises, Inc

We love this approach to farmhouse dining room chairs from Jeffrey Hitchcock Enterprises, Inc. They have mixed traditional Windsor chairs with modern, metal upholstered stools. This is a great way to create a look that is unique and purposeful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What are the different types of farmhouse styles?

There are many variations of farmhouse style because it features a comfortable and cozy look that can be blended with many other design styles. There is French farmhouse, Scandinavian farmhouse, coastal farmhouse, modern farmhouse, rustic farmhouse, and traditional farmhouse just to name a few.

Is farmhouse style on its way out?

There are certain things about farmhouse style that will begin to look dated in the following years and some elements of this style design that will never go out of style. You will need to find a new home for that kitschy typography sign or faux distressed furniture piece that you have in your guest bedroom. However, feel free to hang on to real vintage pieces or mismatched plaid blankets and china plates that you picked up at that thrift store. These kinds of items will never go out of style. The key is, keep your design authentic and simple.

What is a Windsor back chair?

A Windsor chair is a traditional style chair with a wood seat connected to wooden spindles and headrest. There are many variations of this chair including traditional and more modern styles. It has this name because the style originated in the English town of Windsor in the early 18th century.

What are farmhouse colors?

Neutrals are the perfect base for farmhouse style. Look for warmer neutrals like beige, ivory, and warm grays for traditional farmhouse style. Mix in earth tones like green and blue for contrast. Modern farmhouse style utilizes brighter tones like white and contrasts it with black and dark gray.

How do I add farmhouse style to my house?

To add farmhouse style to your home, focus on form and layered textures. Try to find pieces that are wood and have a comfortable style and design. Look for bedding, pillows, and rugs that are simple in color palette but have interesting textures. Incorporate seagrass textures using poufs, window blinds, and rugs. Above all, keep the style simple and unfussy.

Where should I shop for farmhouse chairs?

Because farmhouse style is so popular, farmhouse chairs are everywhere. Large sites like Wayfair LLC have endless varieties of farmhouse chairs in various price ranges. It is important to read all the feedback on a particular style that you like in order to gauge the quality of the piece. While you can get top deals at big retailers at the end of the season, availability will be limited. However, you can find more results, good quality products, and some of the best deals at small shops like those on Etsy. You can also look at vintage shops and thrift stores where the prices are more flexible.

How can I decorate a farmhouse dining table?

Find vintage plates and glasses to set your dining table with farmhouse style. If you like a more modern farmhouse style, use an all neutral tableware palette. Use various greenery as a centerpiece for the table including plants, flowers, and moss. Above all, choose layered textures and natural materials for a farmhouse table centerpiece.

Farmhouse Chairs: Conclusion

Farmhouse style has become popular for a good reason; this style resonates with people’s need to create a comfortable and serene retreat in a more chaotic seeming world. Farmhouse chairs have a classic and relaxed style that blends with many spaces and design styles.

There are so many varieties of farmhouse chairs that it is easy to use them in a bedroom, dining room, living room, or office. Your hardest task will be deciding which one to choose.