Teak Patio Set: Choosing The Right One For Your Backyard

When buying a teak patio set in your backyard, there are things to consider. Teak outdoor furniture can transform your backyard space. The furniture style can make your outdoor space a better place to live and relax, while increasing the overall value of your home.

Teak Patio Set

Teak outdoor furniture is naturally weather resistant, unlike ordinary patio furniture. Of the many types of outdoor furniture available, nothing compares to teak patio furniture.

When shopping, you can get separate teak pieces, like an Adirondack chair or chaise lounges. And you should know that quality teak wood has natural oils unlike other patio furniture. Your outdoor space should be a sanctuary, so buying teak furniture should be done with ultimate care and according to your needs. 

teak patio furniture

If you’ve started shopping for outdoor furniture, like sofas and other accessories, you’ve discovered how teak is more expensive than other styles of patio furniture. Teak has great benefits that other wood styles don’t offer, plus is durability can’t be beat.

We’ll explore the benefits and different styles of teak outdoor furniture, and reveal five teak patio furniture sets that will impress your loved ones beyond belief.

How To Choose Teak Patio Furniture

The following tips were selected to help you choose teak patio furniture while shopping for something that’s suitable for your home. Since teak outdoor furniture is expensive, it’s important to spend your money wisely.

How To Choose Teak Patio Furniture

Read this if you want to know more before investing in one of the most durable furniture options for your outdoors.

Teak Wood Grades

Grade A teak is made from the core sense of matured wood. Its materials are recognizable because of the furniture’s darker appearance.

Known as the heart of the tree, Grade A teak comes from trees that are 20 years old. This makes the wood imbued with enough natural oil that will protect it from damage. Grade B is represented by the core of immature trees.

While it does have some protective oil, it doesn’t have the same density as Grade A teak. The lowest grade used to depict the quality of the wood is C. Grade C teak is from the outer sections of a trunk. 

Teak Wood Manufacturing

With teak furniture dining sets, for example, it’s not just about the quality of the wood, but also the manufacturing process that gives you sturdy pieces of outdoor furniture. Furniture made with machine production renders precise-cut wood, which creates superior furniture pieces like chairs and other accessories. 

Eco Friendly Outdoor Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture is environmentally friendly. It takes years for teak wood to reach maturity, making it the best and most durable patio furniture. Find teak from furniture makers that use resources from sustainable teak plantations. 

Best Teak Outdoor Furniture Sets

Teak is one of the best wood materials for outdoor furniture and accessories. We’ve discovered a good teak furniture seller and we wanted to share some of their best products which will help you find high-quality products.

Maro Solid Wood 6 – Person Seating Group

Best Teak Patio Sets

The Maro patio furniture set is made from quality teak and other materials that are weather resistant. Among other dining sets, this one is a stand out. The set comes with a sofa, two chairs, a loveseat, and a table.

If you have children, don’t worry, kids love the sofas and can sleep on them or the chairs when they want take an afternoon nap. The teak furniture set is delivered assembled with pillows that can be removed if necessary. Another good things is how the cushion covers can be cleaned in a washing machine.


  • Removable pillows 
  • Multiple pieces included
  • Machine washable covers


  • Teak grade info unavailable

Skagen 9 – Piece Extendable Teak Dining Set
Skagen 9 - Piece Extendable Teak Solid Wood Dining Set

The Skagen is a high quality teak outdoor furniture set that’s well worth the price. Featuring eight chairs and one long table, this is the perfect teak patio set for large families with kids or those who enjoy having friends over for outdoor meals.

Although expensive, the furniture materials will last for decades. With a self-storing leaf design, the table is collapsible and can be adjusted so it consumes less space.  


  • Durable high quality teak 
  • Expandable dining table
  • Includes 2 armchairs and pillows


  • Occupies more space than necessary
  • Cleaning is required

Limited Teak Patio Chair

Best Teak Patio Sets

When you dream of the days spent outside lounging in the sun, teak chaise lounges provide enough comfort to enjoy sunny days. This is a limited edition low profile armchair that comes together with an ottoman which can double as a coffee table as needed.

It also includes a set of cushions covered in water-resistant Sunbrella fabric that’s available in different shades.


  • Includes chair and ottoman
  • Comes with cushions in different patterns
  • Cushion covers made with resistant fabric


  • Limited supplies 
  • Cleaning is an issue

Gray Devair Teak Patio Chairs

Best Teak Patio Sets

We adore this set made from two loungers that use quality teak for the frame and resin wicker for the seating and backrest. Each lounge chairs comes with pillows that offer back and neck support. However, extra cleaning may be required.

While these dining sets don’t have the reclining feature, they are comfortable. The resin wicker items are resistant to natural weather conditions. 


  • Includes two chairs and pillows
  • Cushions included
  • Nature resistant resin wicker seating


  • Cushions feel cheap
  • Cleaning is required

Jalissa Outdoor Symmetrical Patio Sectional

Jalissa 24'' Wide Outdoor Symmetrical Patio Sectional

A patio sectional can be a great option when you have kids or multiple people coming over or a large family that likes to get together outdoors.

The set is made up of five pieces that can be separated if, for instance, you’re playing a board game outside and you’re divided into teams. The set comes with polyester cushions for added seating comfort. 


  • Includes 5 sectional pieces
  • Comfortable foam-filled cushions
  • Covers can be removed and cleaned


  • Cushions are not weather-resistant

Red Barrel Studio® Outdoor Furniture Set

Best Teak Patio Sets

One of the most generous furniture sets where seating is concerned is this one by Red Barrel Studio. The set includes two loveseats, four single chairs, and two coffee tables, offering enough space for eight people to sit down and enjoy the weather outside.

The different number of items offers versatility in terms of placement. Each seating option comes with a set of cushions. 


  • Seats 8 people
  • Includes 2 coffee tables
  • Cushions included with purchase


  • Cushions are too thin

Devair Metal 2 – Person Seating Group

Best Teak Patio Sets

Made from natural teak, this two-person seat set is great for stretching your legs and enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book under the shade of a tree. The set comes with two lounge chairs, each with its own ottoman, and a small round coffee table, making it five pieces total.

The frame is weather resistant. Two pillows are included for neck or back support. 


  • Quality is woven natural teak construction
  • Protective resin footpads
  • Pillows are included


  • Mostly comfortable for tall people

Teak Patio Furniture Benefits

Dining sets are popular backyard additions and loved by families and kids alike. With that in mind, you should buy teak outdoor furniture that’s resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Before you decide which pieces should stay outdoors, invest in good quality teak items and accessories. When you do this, you won’t have to worry when your furniture is exposed to harsh conditions. Outdoor furniture isn’t as protected like furniture you keep indoors, plus exposed wood is sensitive to natural elements.

Since teak outdoor furniture can be expensive, read about the benefits and determine what you want according to your needs and the needs of your loved ones and kids. 

Durable Outdoor Furniture

You’ll find the great feature of teak is how long lasting it is. With proper care, outdoor teak furniture can last for decades. Teak is rich in oil and rubber content making it resistant to normal wood threats over time like rot and pests. Compared to others, you’ll find that teak doesn’t splinter, twist, or warp as easily.

Temperature Control

One great feature that most people don’t know is how teak can regulate its temperature over time. This means that during the summer it can adjust itself to stay cool but also stay warm during the winter.

This makes it good for outdoor exposure as it is less sensitive to high and low temperatures over time in contrast to other materials. It is even better than metal because metal can get cold when left outside and hot when it’s not kept indoors.

Low Maintenance

Another great feature about teak is that for outdoor furniture like dining sets, it’s low maintenance. Thanks to the natural properties of teak outdoor furniture, generally, it doesn’t require extra treatment regardless of where you place it outside. Teak furniture begins with a golden color but can turn to a silvery gray patina over time.

One good thing is you don’t need to do much to bring teak items back to their original golden color. You can remove dirt and moss with a soft nylon brush and soap water.

Eco Friendly

Teak outdoor furniture is a sustainable material used in the production of furniture. It is both renewable and eco friendly and has natural oils that help make it durable. Teak is responsibly grown on government-managed land in Belize and Indonesia.

High-Quality Teak

Teak outdoor furniture is a high-quality option for your home as it offers greater durability than other woods. It’s also good if you have kids, so don’t worry, the furniture will still last. The wood is manufactured in three grades, A, B, and C.  

Grade A teak is known as heartwood. It is the center part of the three. It has the highest oil content, making it the most weather resistant. 

Teak furniture sets and chairs made with grade A teak materials are the most expensive but also the most durable. Grade A is the type you want if durability is your chief concern.

How To Clean Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture

It is advisable to apply a product that helps preserve the integrity of your teak furniture year round. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to clean it. 

If your area doesn’t have harsh outdoor conditions, cleaning your teak furniture every spring should suffice. However, if you live in dusty or humid areas, you are going to want to clean it more often.

If you apply a protective coating, you can clean the furniture without pressurized water. Don’t worry, in the long run, you won’t get that silvery gray patina. 

You can clean your teak patio furniture with a garden hose. When you notice dirt or stains, use a bristle with soft brushes to scrub the surface of the furniture. 

How to Protect Teak Furniture

Teak furniture can be natural or sealed, and caring for these two requires special attention. Depending on which type of teak patio furniture you have, there are things you’ll need. to consider.

Natural Teak

Here are the steps you should take when caring for natural teak:

  • You can use a pressure washer since there is no sealant or protective film applied to the furniture. Set it to the lowest volume when using.
  • Grab a wide nozzle spray and attach it to the pressure washer. 
  • You want to hold the nozzle about 12 inches away and wash each piece with long and even strokes. 
  • Leave the natural teak furniture to dry.
  • Once it’s dry, you can use 400 grit sandpaper on the surfaces, which prevents teak pores from opening. 

Sealed Teak 

Here are the steps you should take when caring for sealed teak:

  • Use a bristle brush to clean the surface of the furniture, following the wood’ natural grain to prevent any potential scratches. 
  • Invest in an eco-friendly teak cleaner and, using a soft cloth, rub it across the entire surface.
  • Grab your outdoor hose and wash down the entire surface of the furniture.
  • Every year, apply sealant to keep your teak furniture protected. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is Teak Wood Good For Outdoor Furniture?

Teak has a reputation for being one of the strongest hardwoods ever. Due to its natural oil content, teak is weather-resistant, requiring less processing to make it resistant to the elements. 

Can You Leave Teak Furniture Outside During The Winter?

Yes, can leave teak furniture outside all year round. If you want to cover your teak patio furniture, make sure you use a cover that allows the wood to breathe or it will turn silvery gray.

Where Can You Buy The Best Teak Outdoor Patio Furniture?

You can find quality teak outdoor furniture at Wayfair or online at Amazon. It’s important to stay on the lookout for Grade A teak, as it’s a mark of high quality. 

How Long Can You Leave Teak Furniture Outside?

You can keep teak furniture outside year round. Due to its natural properties, teak is weather-resistant, so you can let it sit outside throughout the entire year without worrying about a lot of damage.

Can You Paint Teak Outdoor Furniture?

Teak wood repels termites and other insects that are harmful to wood. Its natural oils ensure that it lasts longer and resists rot and decay.

But the answer is yes, you can paint teak furniture with different colors. Teak wood is easy to paint. However, you should know that the wood’s oils inhibit paint adhesion and might bleed through finishes, so it could change color.

Teak Patio Set Conclusion

As you may have noticed, teak outdoor furniture sets can cost thousands of dollars. However, teak furniture can offer a great return on investment because it lasts for a long time when cared for properly. Adding to its durability, teak is naturally resistant to nature’s elements, but also to other issues that affect wood, like rot or pests.

You can leave teak wood furniture outside year round. For example, if you have an Adirondack chair, you can leave it outside on your patio deck during colder months and it will be fine.

Keep your eyes open and read about the best deals available online. There are many sorts of options available and at different prices. Another reason teak is so desirable is because it’s beautiful, and more so than other types of outdoor furniture. Teak outdoor furniture is your best option if you want outdoor furniture that will last year round and look nice.