Hem Furniture for Innovative Designs and Stunning Style

Hem furniture is produced by an independent design brand and platform for artists based in Sweden. All of their furniture is based on the collaboration with and the support of the creative vision of these artists undergirded by Hem’s obsessive commitment to quality.

Hem Furniture

The Hem design studio values its commitment to artists and wants to aid them in their own trajectory rather than imposing strict rules on their designs.

This leads to a more exciting and fresh look for its products because they are the result of independent thought and ideas.

Verso Shelf

These vanguard designers explore the best ways to create inspiring and compelling furniture and accessories to both reflect their own artistic identity and enrich lives through amazing design.

These designs appeal to a new generation of people who care about products that are produced responsibly and created with excellence.

Hem wood furniture

Hem crafts iconic products with renowned European manufacturers for your house and office that have sustainable designs and use high-quality materials.

Hem Furniture: A Lookbook Of Ideas

Hem Furniture: A Lookbook Of Ideas

There are many striking Hem products, but we have rounded up some of our favorites to give you an all-around idea on the type of furniture that this company supplies.

Hem sofa designs

There are three versions of sofas from Hem. The Palo, the Koti, and the Kumo all come in a variety of colors and offer comfort and durability. All the sofas come with coordinating ottoman options.

Palo Sofa

Hem Palo Sofa

The Palo Sofa has a stylish, rounded contemporary shape. It is modular so that you can shape it to fit whatever your current lifestyle. The powder-coated steel legs are the supports that allow you to reposition the sofa into different shapes. The cover is made primarily from virgin wool, so you can feel confident that it will stand the test of time.

Koti Sofa

Verso Shelf

The Koti Sofa has a solid and comfortable style that would look at home in various design types including contemporary, modern, bohemian, modern rustic, and eclectic. Form Us With Love designed this sofa. This group has a passion for sustainable design and accessibility for everyone. While it has uncontested beauty, comfort is at the heart of this design.

Kumo Sofas

Verso Shelf

The fact that the artist named the Kumo after the Japanese word for cloud is no mistake. This sofa features cushions with sink-in comfort covered in highly textured woolen fabric. The modular shape allows you to reposition this sofa whenever the need arises. The design professionals, Anderssen & Voll created this sofa. They are known for their knowledge of cultural and market forces and use that knowledge to create sustainable designs.

Accent chairs

Accent chairs are the ideal way to add interest to your living room arrangement. The Hem design studio offers several types of accent chairs with original and eye-catching shapes and colors.

Hai Chair and Ottoman

Hai Lounge Chair

This contemporary chair design from Luca Nichetto echoes the classic shape of a cozy and traditional armchair. The Hai Chair and Ottoman feature a strong steel frame with molded foam and a cover of wool.

Puffy Lounge Chair

Verso Shelf

The Puffy Lounge Chair features an ingenious juxtaposition of materials: the hard steel supports which are covered by the graceful drape of a soft upholstery seat. This innovative design comes from a multi-disciplinary artist, Faye Toogood, who seeks to combine many types of art into her designs. The puffy chair’s unique style is sure to be a conversation starter in whatever setting you place it.

Dining chairs and stools

Whether you need chairs for your dining table, kitchen, or bar area, Hem has many varieties in their stock from the classic to the avant-garde.

Udon Upholstered Chair

Udon Upholstered Chair

The Udon is a chair with a classic style that is right at home in both an elegant dining room or an eclectic kitchen. The artist crafted it from lacquered beech with a top grain leather seat. The designer, Staffan Holm, drew inspiration from both the traditional Japanese carpentry practice of maintaining clean lines and openness in the design with the classic bentwood chair form.

Touchwood Chair

Touchwood Chair

In the Touchwood Chair, Lars Beller Fjetland has crafted a chair that is as usable as it is beautiful. Its beauty lies not in extraneous details but rather in the simplicity of its form and the way that it supports the user with firm support and comfort. This Hem chair uses contract-grade quality beechwood that has been molded into a form that is stackable and durable.

Kendo Bar Chair

Kendo Bar Chair

The Kendo line comes to Hem from the Italian design duo LucidiPevere. This bar chair surrounds the user with comfort and style. The generous seat and surrounding arms are wide allowing the opportunity to move around while remaining in place. In addition, the Kendo family contains a low chair as well as a bar and counter stool version.

 Last stool

Verso Shelf

The Last Stool from Max Lamb is one of Hem’s iconic products. Lamb created a functional and durable stool from a single piece of sheet metal. The shape lends flexibility to its function allowing you to use it as a side table, seat, or occasional foot rest. This enamel version has a splatter paint finish that is unique to every stool.

All Wood Stool

Verso Shelf

The design of the All Wood Stool from Karoline Fesser hearkens back to the iconic Eames Time Life stool. It has mid-century vibes and a functional and adjustable design. In addition, its classic shape works well in any setting, and you can use it for both side table and stool.


There are multiple categories of tables including dining tables, side tables, and coffee tables. Each has unique and striking design elements.

Hide Table

Hide Table

The Hide Table from Karoline Fesser is another one of her inventive designs. The table has multiple shelves for storing your belongings. Also, you can use it for display or position it to hide your less attractive belongings.

Key Table

Verso Shelf

The Key Table has a simple design that allows you to focus on the textured beauty of the turned wood top. It floats above the floor on the tripod style legs in a way that is modern but also classic. This is a creation of GamFratesi who finds inspiration in both timeless and contemporary design.

Bookmatch Table

Bookmatch Table

The bookmatch table is the perfect balance between rustic beauty and modern craftsmanship. The Bookmatch wood is oak veneer boards. The artist created it with an uneven edge to give an untrimmed effect. It has a substantial shape to bring presence to any room while still remaining simple in form.

Long Table

Minimalist long table

The Long Table’s clean form is not just an ideal table for the workplace and home, it has the structural support to allow it to stretch a wide distance. This table is crafted from solid oak and oak veneer. The creator, Julian Renault, is inspired by minimalist style to produce clean and simple designs.

Alle Coffee Table

Alle Coffee Table

The Alle Coffee Table (Set of 3) has it all: striking form, simple construction, and a flexible shape. Group these together to form a unique coffee table set or separate them to use as side tables when needed.

Either way, they will look stunning in your design.

The manufacturers crafted these pieces from solid oak and walnut. This is another beautiful design from Staffan Holm.

Display and Storage Shelves

The shelves from Hem are works of art, in and of themselves. Use them to store household items or display your most amazing treasures.

Zig Zag Shelf

Zig Zag Shelf

The Zig Zag Shelf is a creation of Studio deForm, a collaboration of Jakub Pollág and Václav Mlynář. These design professionals have a background in architecture which is evident from the structural design of this original shelf.

For example, it features support brackets that span below the shelves in a zigzag pattern to connect to front and rear braces.

Also, this shelf is crafted from solid oak and walnut along with oak and walnut veneer.

Verso Shelf

Verso Shelf

The Verso Shelf is minimal in form and footprint, but it has an inventive style that is sure to please. Thus, it is perfect for those who enjoy simple but functional design; just lean it back onto the wall and your shelf is ready to go.

Also, it comes with three magazine stands to hold less solid items. This design comes to Hem from Mikko Halonen who enjoys the challenge of creating functional furniture with a minimum of materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Who owns Hem furniture?

Hem is a collaborative design brand and platform for vanguard designers. Petrus Palmér founded Hem in 2011. Hem collaborates with independent design professionals. Each crafts iconic products from furniture, to soft textiles, and lighting.

Where do they make Hem furniture?

Hem manufactures most of their products in Europe in order to reduce their carbon footprint and keep a close eye on product quality. There are a few items produced in India; in particular, the rugs are produced at GoodWeave, a certified manufacturer.

What is Hem furniture?

Hem produces innovative contemporary furniture with aesthetic appeal. All their products are durable for heavy use, and they maximize the use of FSC certified wood and minimize the use of non-organic material like plastic.

How can I get a discount on the products at Hem?

Hem Pro, or Hem for Professionals, is a discount program for other design professionals. When you sign up and open an account with Hem Pro, you immediately receive discounted trade pricing and instant quotes. Also, you will get direct access to real time stock levels and dedicated service like deliveries and shipping that are tailored for you.

Where do Hem artists come from?

Most Hem artists are based in Europe. However, you can find Hem artists all over the world from the United States to Asia.

Hem Furniture: Conclusion

The artists at Hem produce furniture that is attractive and that they have styled to fit a contemporary aesthetic. These products are individual works of art from innovative artists who live all over the world.

In addition, their products are not just beautiful, they are crafted from sustainable and durable products with the goal of a long life.

However, while these pieces are more expensive than other retail options, their artistry and excellence of the products justify their prices. After all, the Hem furniture that you buy today, may very well be the museum piece of tomorrow.