The Puffy Lounge Chair From Faye Toogood: A Study of Opposites

The Puffy Lounge Chair by Faye Toogood and Hem is a study in the juxtaposition of contrasting materials. This chair has a unique form as well as purposeful thought behind the design.

Puffy Chair

Integrated into this design is a combination of forms and textures that add interest and beauty to the chair as a whole.

Therefore, we want to give the Puffy Chair our full attention to see how well it holds up to the hype that surrounds it.

Hem Puffy Lounge Chair

Hem Puffy Lounge Chair

The Puffy Lounge Chair is the first of the puffy seating collection that will be produced as a result of the collaboration between Faye Toogood and the Swedish design brand, Hem.

This chair features stuffed upholstery that drapes over a tubular steel frame in a lavish manner. Thus, the puffy upholstery is sewn with a linear tufting that keeps the filling in place.

The soft components of the plush, quilted upholstery contrast with the hard steel frame in a purposeful counterbalancing of elements of this design.


The Alfie Villa Olive Chair From Crate and Barrel

The juxtaposition of contrasting elements is purposeful within the design. Toogood wants to highlight the distinction by allowing the soft and enveloping upholstery to rest on the exposed steel frame. This chair has a sleek utilitarian style that works well with contemporary, modern, and industrial design styles.

Product Details

The Alfie Villa Olive Chair From Crate and Barrel

The upholstery comes in three types, Disco Coex, Bute Storr, and Elmosoft Leather. Disco Coex is a blended fabric of cotton, acrylic, viscose, and linen. There are two colors of this fabric, Natural and Anthracite, a dark grey. Bute Storr is a fabric crafted in Scotland.

It is made of new wool with a touch of nylon. This fabric has a bouclé texture and comes in Eggshell and Sawdust, a medium-toned brown.

bouclé texture and comes in Eggshell and Sawdust

The leather upholstery is Scandinavian grain leather, either Sand or Black. Also, the steel-coated frame comes in three colors: Stainless, Black Grey, and Cream.

The Hem Puffy Lounge Chair has an ottoman that you can add as an additional purchase. This comes in all the color combinations of the chair so that you can coordinate the look.


Puffy Chair Sizes

There is just one size for the Puffy Chair. It is L: 98 x W: 93 x H: 69 cm and the seat height is 43 cm. The ottoman measures L: 67 x W: 58 x H: 42 cm.


The Alfie Villa Olive Chair From Crate and Barrel

This chair has a distinct and cozy style that will work as a chair in a reading nook for a living room or in a bedroom. However, it is also striking as a set and will set the look of a living room apart when used as accent chairs.

Faye Toogood and Hem

Faye Toogood and Hem

Faye Toogood is an independent artist based in London and the founder of the design studio Toogood in 2008. She has a degree in Art History and has worked across disciplines seeking not to be defined by one medium.

She, like her studio, enjoys collaborating with many types of artists to create work that is distinct on many levels.

Hem is a design brand and platform for artists’ collaboration and for the production of their vision. Thus, they work with artists from all over the world to craft innovative and contemporary furniture with long-lasting designs and that use sustainable products.

Pros and Cons of the Puffy Lounge Chair

Pros and Cons of the Puffy Lounge Chair

This chair has an innovative and creative shape that will look amazing with many interior design styles. However, this chair will not work for everyone.


  • Shape – This chair has an uncommon shape that is luxurious and spare at the same time. It will never fail to be a conversation piece.
  • Materials – Hem has used quality materials and careful craftsmanship to produce the Puffy Chair.
  • Purposeful design – Most of us do not get to purchase furniture that has been designed with careful thought and purpose. This chair offers that opportunity.


  • Shape – This style of this chair may be too different for some; therefore, it will not fit with some aesthetics or tastes.
  • Limited colors – This chair comes with three different upholsteries and in several neutral color options, but there are no bright colors if you want this option.
  • Cost – The Puffy Chair is expensive because of the artistry and the quality of products. This chair will be out of the budget for many people.

Similar Products

The Faye Toogood Puffy Lounge Chair, by all measures, is unique. However, if it is out of your budget, you may still be interested in some puffy chairs that have the same generous style.

The Larsen Chair from Industry West

The Larsen Chair from Industry West

This chair has a more rustic style than the Hem Puffy Chair, but it has the same luxurious style. This chair features a wood frame with a pillow-like upholstered pad in 100% dacron.

The Larsen Lounge Chair dimensions are: 35.6” Wide x 35.2” Deep x 28.1” High; Arm height 22″; Seat height 16.1″. Of course, the price tag for this chair is much less; however, this chair does not have the artistic vision or credentials of the Puffy Chair.

The Ardis Tan Chair From CB2

The Ardis Tan Chair From CB2

The Ardis Tan Chair features a vertical tufted style upholstery with metal legs that is similar to the Puffy Chair; however, this chair has a vintage deco style rather than contemporary.

Therefore, it may work better in transitional or modern style, rather than industrial. Brett Beldock designed this chair which features a cotton/poly velvet upholstery and high gloss metal legs.

The Alfie Villa Olive Chair From Crate and Barrel

The Alfie Villa Olive Chair From Crate and Barrel

The Alfie Olive Chair has a generous style that offers sink-in comfort. The wooden frame reaches around and encompasses the olive upholstery to form a comfortable nook for reading and resting.

In addition, you can feel good about the products that Crate and Barrel has used to craft this chair as it is made from sustainable wood sources.

This chair also has a more rustic style than the Puffy Chair. For example, it would be perfect in a modern rustic, modern farmhouse, or bohemian-style home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Where can I get a Puffy Lounge Chair?

You can place an order for a Puffy Chair and/or Ottoman at

Where is the Puffy Chair produced?

Hem works with renowned European manufacturers to create all the furniture for them. Therefore, Hem produces most of their items in Europe with the exception of a few rugs that they fabricate with a producer in India.

What are the ideas that the Puffy Chair represents?

Faye Toogood wanted to combine two opposite ideas in the design of the Puffy Chair. The steel frame signifies strength and solidity. In addition, it undergirds the soft, puffy upholstery that encompasses you in warmth as you sink into it.

What is the size and colors of the Puffy Chair and Ottoman?

The size of the puffy chair is L: 98 x W: 93 x H: 69 cm with the seat height 43 cm high. The Puffy Chair Ottoman is L: 67 x W: 58 x H: 42 cm. All the pieces come in Natural and Anthracite cotton-blend fabric, a Sand and Black leather, and an Eggshell and Sawdust wool boucle-like fabric. The frame comes in Sandblasted Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Black Grey, and Powder Coated Cream.

What style works the best with the Puffy Chair?

The Faye Toogood Puffy Lounge Chair has a contemporary minimalist style with an industrial edge. This chair will not work with every design: however, it would work well with contemporary, industrial, modern, eclectic, and minimalist style. Moreover, it has a wonderful and unique shape that will be a conversation starter wherever you place it.

What are the goals of Hem?

Hem is a design brand platform that works with independent artists to support them in their work. Of course, these artists range in vision, but all have a commitment to excellence and purposeful design. Combined with Hem’s commitment to quality and transparency, the furniture that they produce has the potential to be the museum artifacts of tomorrow.


The Puffy Lounge Chair by Faye Toogood is one of a kind. This is a tactile version of the beloved steel frame furniture of another era, but the chair is as on-trend as they come.

Of course, while this chair will not suit the taste or style of everyone, we can all appreciate the beautiful form and thought that went into its creation.

In the end, those who do take the plunge with this chair, will be investing in a piece that will stand the test of time and offer endless comfort while you wait.