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The Beauty Of The Ceiling Hanging Chair

A ceiling hanging chair may be just what you need for that boho look. Or if you simply like to relax by the beach, or at least feel as if you are. The reason doesn’t matter, the fact is the same no matter what. You are interested in ceiling hanging chairs

Ceiling Hanging Chairs

There are a few different types of ceiling hanging chairs but the way that you install them is fairly similar. So let’s go over what ceiling hanging chairs are real quick before we move on to where to buy them. 

What Is A Ceiling Hanging Chair?

A ceiling-hanging chair is simply that. A chair that hangs from the ceiling. However, this ceiling can be a porch, a patio, or your living room. Ceiling hanging chairs can hang from anywhere that has a place for them.

The chairs themselves are inspired by the beach and boho decor. They have a sort of spiritual connection and offer peace to those who are seeking the tranquility that they can offer. Does this sound like you?

Types Of Ceiling Hanging Chairs

Types Of Ceiling Hanging Chairs

Now that you know you are interested in ceiling hanging chairs, you probably want to know the different kinds you can choose from. There are a few different types of hanging chairs that can be considered ceiling hanging chairs.

Faux Hanging Chairs

This type of hanging chair usually comes with a dock that the chair hangs from. It doesn’t actually hang from the ceiling unless you remove the dock and hang it yourself. This is great for those who want to move their chair a lot.

Bubble Hanging Chairs

Bubble Hanging Chairs

Bubble-hanging chairs are often made out of some type of plastic. They look like bubbles and are usually clear. However, cushions are placed inside to give a comfortable place to relax. These bubble chairs are common in teen rooms. 

Pod Hanging Chair

A pod hanging chair shouldn’t be confused with a bubble hanging chair. A pod hanging chair is usually made of a canvas or similar material and is almost completely closed. They are designed to offer a dark space to relax. 

Hammock Hanging Chairs

Hammock Hanging Chairs

This is the primary type of hanging chair we are referring to today. Hammock hanging chairs are made out of rope or another hammock material. They aren’t always in the hammock shape as it is the material that makes it a hammock hanging chair. 

Tree Hanging Chairs

Tree hanging chairs were first made for camping tricks. They hang from trees, are usually weatherproof, made from the same type of materials that tents are made from. They can hang from a tree and be moved easily. 

Wicker Hanging Chair

A wicker hanging chair is made from wicker and is fairly solid. They have a specific design style and are quite unique. They don’t look like any other type of ceiling hanging chair and are defined by the wicker. 

How To Hang A Hammock Chair

How To Hang A Hammock Chair
Right image from gallerienoir.com

In order to hang a hammock chair, you only need two things. A hammock chair and a hardware kit. Hopefully, the chair came with a kit. But if it didn’t, then you can make your own with a quick trip to the hardware store.

What You’ll Need:

  • 3/8 inch eye screw with at least a 4-inch tread and a 300-lb minimum capacity 
  • Two quick link chain connectors or locking carabiners that each support 300-lbs, at least
  • Galvanized chain that is at least a few feet long

Now, if you’re lucky, your chair came with instructions. But if not, you can follow these simple steps to hang your chair. 

Step 1: Find A Joist

This is much easier if you are hanging the chair on a porch where the joists are visible. But if not, you can use a stud finder to find the stud. Make sure that the studs are 2 x 6 or larger as a 2×4 may not be able to support the swing.

Make sure that you mark both sides of the joist because you want the swing to be centered for the securest hold. You want a spot with at least a few feet away from each wall so that it won’t hit the wall when you swing.

Step 2: Create A Pilot Hole And Install Screw

Drill a pilot hole that is about 3-inches deep into the mark that you made for the center of the joist. It’s important that the drill bit that you use is narrower than the screw that you will use for the swing.

In general, the screw will be about 3/8 of an inch. So a good size for the drill bit is 5/16 of an inch. After you drill the pilot hole then you can screw the eye screw in. This is where the carabiner will hook to.

You may need to use a screwdriver to help tighten it. Make sure it goes as far into the ceiling as possible, covering the entire tread. 

Step 3: Attach Carabiners And Chain

Attach the chain to a carabiner or hook and then hook the carabiner onto the eye screw. Then, attach the other carabiner to the swing. The way you do this depends on the type of swing that you are using.

The chain then will need to be attached at the appropriate length to the swing. Cut off the excess chain or hook it to the top carabiner if you plan on moving the swing in the future. If not, cut it and enjoy!

Best Ceiling Hanging Chairs

If you are trying to find a place to buy a good hanging chair online then look no further. These awesome ceiling hanging chairs come at a great price and can fulfill your ceiling hanging chair needs today!

All of them can be bought at Wayfair. Wayfair is a wonderful online store where you can buy all sorts of amazing furniture and home decor. If you haven’t checked them out, then you need to in order to make the most out of your shopping experience. 

Bloomsbury Granier Hanging Chair

Bloomsbury Granier Hanging Chair

This hanging chair is surprisingly affordable and still high-end. The wicker part of the chair is dark charcoal gray while the cushion is a beautiful medium to light blue. This chair comes with a chain attached so it is easy to install.

If you’re new to ceiling hanging chairs then this is a good place to start. If you don’t like it then you’re not out too much money. Plus, it is attractive and goes well with almost any type of house decor.

Sika Design Nanna Swing

Sika Design Nanna Swing

If you want the single nicest ceiling hanging chair that money can buy, then this is it. While it may be a tad on the expensive side, it is well worth it if you can afford it. People are still raving about this chair!

The chair comes in six color combinations and with a dock that can be discarded or put away if you want to hang it from the ceiling. It withstands the elements fairly well too so it works as an outdoor chair too.

Bayou Breeze Berkshire Hanging Chair

Bayou Breeze Berkshire Hanging Chair

The name of this chair describes it well. The chair is made of wicker and rope and it looks like a summer day. While it only comes in one natural color, the color is perfect just the way it is, which is au naturel.

People love this chair so much. Buyers say it is sturdy, looks great, and is perfect for naps. With a price tag like this, what else is there to say but good things about this ceiling hanging chair

Sika Design Renoir Hanging Chair

Sika Design Renoir Hanging Chair

Sika Design strikes again with this amazing hanging chair. While still on the higher side of budgets, this chair is less than half the price of the Nanna Swing. So if you love Sika Design, this swing is a steal.

This chair comes in six color combinations yet again. The rope that it comes with to hang gives it yet another natural flair because it doesn’t need that metal chain that may or may not match your setting.

Greyleigh Briaroaks Swing

Greyleigh Briaroaks Swing

If you want something in-between a low and high budget, this pick by Greyleigh is a wonderful choice. It is made of wicker, a fan favorite for ceiling hanging swings. The color here is phenomenal as well.

The natural look is what you’d expect out of a wicker swing while the white is pure and clean. So you can choose the warm color to the cool color, depending on your own design style. Both look amazing!

Is A Ceiling Hanging Chair Right For Me?

There are a few reasons not to get a hanging chair. The main reason not to get them is if you don’t like how they look. But that one is kind of obvious. There have also been reports of motion sickness from swings.

These cases are few and far between but it’s something to think about. Just make sure you have a warranty or return policy in case you have this problem yourself. Other than that, we only have good news!

As long as your swing is something you like and you install it properly, there are only good things to say about ceiling hanging chairs. These chairs offer much more than they take. So what are you waiting for?