Black Staircase Iterations And Their Magnificent Designs

Staircases have a very interesting duality associated with them. On one hand, they have a well-defined functionality, being meant to connect spaces positioned on different height levels. On the other hand they’ve developed a strong aesthetic and we have many different types of staircases and lots of different styles that they can be associated with.

Black Staircase

Staircases have become statement pieces thanks to their sculptural and architectural nature. Today we’re going to be checking out black stairs specifically and seeing all the interesting ways in which they stand out.

Modern Black Stair Design Ideas

Super slender black metal stairs

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Certain materials have unique properties which they can transfer to the structures which they’re a part of. In a way that’s what we’re looking at here. This super slender staircase designed by Ecostudio Architects takes advantages of its metal composition and manages to have a very lightweight and sculptural appearance.

Black stairs with white railings

Black stairs with white railingsView in gallery

The black and white color combo is timeless. It suits pretty much any style but it’s especially fitting when it comes to modern and contemporary interiors. Check this beautiful interior from Toronto redesigned by studio Post Architecture. We’re particularly fond of the black stairs and the perforated metal railing that goes alongside them.

Black Minimal suspended staircase

Black Minimal suspended staircaseView in gallery

The black staircase designed by Marko Simcic and Brian Broster is also super sleek and minimal but rather than having a regular railing it’s supended between a wall and a massive storage unit. The four stairs at the very bottom are actually suspended on stilts and match the stair height and overall distribution of the others.

A two-part staircase design

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This design by Victor Vasilev is quite unlike any typical staircase. What sets this beautiful black staircase apart, aside from the color, is the fact that it’s partially composed on two sections. These are side by side and the one on the left has increased stair height which results in half as many stairs compared to the section on the right. Its role is mainly decorative.

A unique staircase and furniture duo

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It’s fairly common for staircases and certain furniture pieces to interact with one another but this time the interaction is presented in a rather unexpected way. Interior design studio FABRIKA actually came up with a design which physically intersects the console and the staircase. The corner of the console basically becomes a step among the others.

Simple staircase with an amazing view

Simple staircase with an amazing viewView in gallery

Yes, the staircase itself is super simple and doesn’t stand out much but that’s fitting considering this beautiful view that you can see as you go up and down the stairs. Black fits the mood and the overall vibe of the space and the floating stairs let the light and the view be seen from either side. This is part of a residential project completed by Smart Design Studio in New South Wales, Australia.

Floating zig-zag stairs with a wood and stone backdrop

Floating zig-zag stairs with a wood and stone backdropView in gallery

Studio Dom Arquitectura renovated a historic house in Spain and tried to preserve as much of its original character as possible but at the same time wanted to turn it into a modern retreat. One of the new additions is a sleek black staircase made of metal which goes alongside a stone wall partially decorated with vertical wood planks.

Floating spiral staircase without railing

Floating spiral staircase without railingView in gallery

This staircase designed by feedback-studio is a work of art more than anything else. It takes advantage of this small nook linking the main floor to a loft area and it follows the walls without any column or railing on the outside. This is quite unusual but helps, in this case, to put an emphasis on the overall simplicity of the staircase and its sculptural design.

Steel staircase with built-in micro-library

Steel staircase with built-in micro-libraryView in gallery

You might be wondering what a micro-library is. A quick glance at this black steel staircase designed by studio Teatum-Teatum reveals the answer. The staircase has a simple and industrial design and the thing that sets it apart is the little nook built into the handrail which can hold a couple of books, encouraging those going up and down the stairs to read more.

Metal staircase suspended above the floor

Metal staircase suspended above the floorView in gallery

If we’re to strictly look at the staircase in this case it would be suspended above the floor with nothing to attach it to the space below. That’s because the bottom section is a trio of steps built into a wood storage unit. This interesting combination of materials and strategies is the result of a collaboration between architects Edouard Brunet and François Martens.

A classic approach

A sinuous spiral staircase with solid railingsView in gallery

There’s also a lot of ways in which a classic staircase can look interesting. This design by studio naturehumaine has a nice elegance about it which is in part due t the color scheme. The black stairs contrast with the white wall and the natural wood tones and the accent lights highlights their industrial texture. Also, the custom handrail design is pretty cool too.

Mesh railings with a modern-industrial look

Mesh railings with a modern-industrial lookView in gallery

The metal mesh railings which complement this black staircase creates a safe but also very light and airy barrier around it which goes really well with the overall style of this contemporary house by Raz Melamed. The height of the stair railing is just right, especially on the top floor where there’s this opening in the ceiling that gives a view of the living area below.

Wooden stairs on a metal frame

A sinuous spiral staircase with solid railingsView in gallery

The combination of wood and metal always works because these two materials complement each other by being so different from one another. In this case the wooden treads and the metal structure and railings of the staircase are in line with the way in which this entire residence was designed. This was a project by interior designer Ifat Mentesh.

Folding stairs and glass walls

A sinuous spiral staircase with solid railingsView in gallery

The way in which this black staircase bends and folds feels very natural and gives it a super clean look. The stairs are made of metal which is what makes such a design possible in the first place. There’s also something else that’s interesting about this particular design and that’s the fact that they’re framed by glass walls. This is part of a project by studio deltaZERO architetti.

A short and extra wide set of stairs

A sinuous spiral staircase with solid railingsView in gallery

Spiral stairs and slender, lightweight-looking staircases have a unique charm of their own but don’t always fit the theme and the style of the space around them. For this modern barn-inspired home something different was in order. Architect Nicolas Tye chose to include a short and wide staircase in order to connect the two elevations within the floor plan and that actually looks great. The dark color palette really suits the design.

Spectacular black and white staircase

A sinuous spiral staircase with solid railingsView in gallery

Some designs are spectacular no manner how you look at them. That’s definitely the case here. The staircase designed by studio la SHED for this residence in Canada is a work of art. We’re talking about a massive spiral staircase that connects three floors and is illuminated from above by a massive skylight. Furthermore, the black and white color palette gives it a timeless charm.

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All-black staircase with curved railings

A sinuous spiral staircase with solid railingsView in gallery

It’s the little details that make all the difference and that applies to all sorts of designs both big and small. A nice example is this black staircase by interior designer Tatyana Bobyleva. It’s all black and in a straight line but it has perforated stair risers and a metal railing with an elegant curved pattern and little golden accents here and there.

A sinuous spiral staircase with solid railings

A sinuous spiral staircase with solid railingsView in gallery

This gorgeous spiral staircase is definitely a magnificent statement piece and one of the main focal points of this stylish home designed by Balzar Arquitectos. It’s all black and it has a sinuous shape which twists and curves and the railings are solid and closely follow the same shape putting a big emphasis on the sculptural nature of this design.