Minimalist Side Table Ideas to Spruce up Your Decor

Minimalist interior designs contain just the essential elements needed for comfort and beauty. A minimalist side table is an important element in even the most minimal of interior spaces.

Minimalist Side Table
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Side tables serve to make our life at home more comfortable, add storage, and extend texture and interest in our personal spaces.

Minimalist Side Table Types And Styles

The minimalist style holds simplicity of form and monochromatic color schemes as two of its guiding principles. Interior spaces designed with a minimalist style pair sleek architecture and furniture forms with simple but textural elements to create a serene atmosphere.

Minimalist side table types and styles
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However, this does not mean that minimalist style furniture is dull; on the contrary, special attention is needed to create beautiful pieces that are still simple in style.  

The minimalist side table is no exception to this general rule. They have a minimal color palette and simple designs, but also they can have unique forms with geometric interest. These tables are crafted with a variety of materials including glass, wood, metal, acrylic, and so forth.

You can use these types of tables in a variety of ways. They are the perfect place to stash your current magazines, books, or latest plants or in the name of decluttering, use them just for the occasional coffee cup. Either way, these tables will make your lives easier and your home more beautiful.

Defining Minimalist Interior Spaces

Here are a few examples of minimalist interiors to give you a better idea of the style than you can achieve with minimalist furniture and decor.

Minimalist living room

Minimalist living room
Conrad Architects

There is nothing boring about this living room design despite its limited color palette and simple forms. Notice the black minimalist coffee table that dominates the space with color and with size.

Further, the black end table is the perfect piece to complement the coffee table and the simple style of the ivory couch.

Minimalist bedroom

Minimalist bedroom

No matter what your interior design style, this room is appealing for its serene and quiet atmosphere. The white walls do not look bare, rather they are the ideal backdrop for the striking wall art.

The pillows and the comforter are not stark, rather they achieve a perfect “undone look” to create a look of comfort. The black minimalist bedside table echoes the dark tones in the wall art and rug.

Minimalist dining room

Minimalist dining room
Iconic Design + Build

There is something that is inviting about a variety of textures in a room with a limited color palette. The designer of this dining room relied on texture rather than color to create a sense of warmth and beauty.

While the design is edited, the minimalist dining table, cane chairs and sleek bench work to create a united whole.

Minimalist End Table Inspiration

Small side tables are perfect for the living room and office. Also, there are minimalist side table varieties like bedside tables to add greater comfort and beauty to your intimate spaces like the bedrooms.

We have featured some of our favorites which will give you a better sense of the minimal style and give you the opportunity to see some of the best on the market. 

Key Side Table from Hem

Key Side Table from Hem

If you want to present an earthy minimalist style with a rustic touch, try the Key Side Table from Hem and GamFratesi.

The black powder-coated steel tripod legs support the round wood top and present a style that is modern but light. You can also purchase a black, white, or walnut version of this table.

I Beam Black Marble Side Table from CB2

I Beam Black Marble Side Table from CB2

If there is one thing we know about marble, it is that while it works well in minimalist design, it is anything but simple. Marble has an inherent beauty that is rich but perfect with minimalist decor.

This side table doubles as end tables or as bedside tables as needed. Any way you use it, it is an elegant addition to any space.

Lana 24″ from Etta Avenue

Lana 24" from Etta Avenue

This glass “S” table has an intriguing shape and looks seamless in contemporary minimalist design. The top seems to float while the bottom remains firmly on the floor.

While it has a delicate style, this table features three tiers that hold stacked books and small accessories. You can find this table at Wayfair, LLC.

Yamazaki Side Table

Yamazaki Side Table

If you are looking for a more affordable side table with a minimalist style, here is one option for you. This table has clean simple lines with an open bottom.

This is ideal if you want to add a basket for extra bedroom or living room storage. The table top is wide enough for a few books, a laptop, or a small vase of flowers.

Alle Coffee Table (Set of 3)

Alle Coffee Table

The Alle Coffee Table is a group of three small tables that work as a set or as individual units. Grouped together, they create a stylish and unique coffee table.

This collection has more flexibility than other coffee tables as these tables can be moved to smaller spaces or for side tables for extra guests as needed.

Alliona End Table

3 Piece Peekaboo Acrylic Nesting Tables

This table has a minimalist design with the extra function of a lower shelf. The base is made from tempered glass with a fir wood top and shelf.

Further, this design is narrow, so it is perfect for small nooks and corners. You aren’t limited to one color for this table as it comes in many color options.

Esco 24″ Iron Frame End Table

Esco 24" Iron Frame End Table

If you are looking for a geometric style side table, this is one option for you. This table is crafted with a black iron base and inverted pyramid top. Double it for eye-catching bedside tables or as a set of minimalist end tables.

Hide Side Table

Hide Side Table

The Hide Table is a design from Hem and Karoline Fesser. It has a clever configuration that allows you to either display your knick-knacks or hide them as you wish.

This table comes in many bright colors. Minimalist design uses neutral colors, so steer away from the bold color choices for this table if you want to achieve that look.

Eclipse Side Table

Eclipse Side Table

This Eclipse Side Table is another with a clever and unique design. There is a wooden top that you can slide around to expose a recessed tray below the top. Keep the table closed so it can fit beside a wall or expose the tray below to expand the surface area.

Yamazaki Side Table with Storage Shelf

Yamazaki Side Table with Storage Shelf

This is another cost-effective side table option. This design has a simple style that works with minimalist, contemporary, and modern design. The shelf is spare but works for extra books or magazines when you need quick access.

3-Piece Peekaboo Acrylic Nesting Tables

3-Piece Peekaboo Acrylic Nesting Tables

The best thing about the Peekaboo Acrylic Nesting Tables beyond their chic style is their flexibility. These stack when you need to conserve space but allow you to pull out to expand for your entertainment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is a side table necessary?

Not much in home decorating is “necessary”, but a side table is important. It might seem like a small thing, but it makes your home life more comfortable when you have a place to set things like a magazine, book, or coffee cup. Further, these tables frame the sofa making it look less empty. A side table also works well next to the bed for lamps and your phone or current reading material.

What should be on a side table?

A side table should have certain items that lend comfort to your seating or bed arrangement but should not be too full as to inhibit its usability. However, don’t miss the opportunity to add some decorative and personal items to the side table like a lamp, a vase, pictures, a basket, or a candle.

What is a side table called?

There are several categories of side tables including bedside table, end table, and incidental table.

How tall should side tables be?

Side tables that are located beside a sofa about the same height as the sofa or just below the arm. The standard size of a sofa arm is between 24 and 32 inches high. Bedside tables should be about the height of the mattress.

Can I use a side table as a coffee table?

Yes, you can. A creative way to design a coffee table is by gathering a set of three side tables of various sizes and grouping them together to form one “unit”. This is a more flexible design than a standard coffee table. You can also use a set of two tables that are the same size and place them together to form a coffee table.

What can I use as a side table if I don't have one?

There are many things you can use as a side table if you don’t want to buy one. Just gather some inspiration from the items around you. You can use a stool, pouf, trunk, a stack of books, a small ottoman, plant stand, or a bar cart to function in the place of a side table.

Minimalist Side Table: Conclusion

Minimalist design might be spare and edited, but minimalist spaces do not lack comfort. Rather, each item of furniture in the design is purposeful and meaningful to the design.

Minimalist side tables enhance the style and comfort of the overall design style and structure. There are many wonderful options that the main problem will be deciding which one to choose.