Water Jewels wash basin with platin bowl

For some time now people understood the necessity of high class facilities, even when it comes about to sanitary objects. The bathroom shouldn’t be considered a marginal part of your house. If we think a little, it is actually, after the living room, the second most accessed room by your guests. So you should make it look fantastic. There are some imperatives or any bathroom, and these are sanitary medium, superior technology, comfort and elegance.

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One way of accessorizing your bathroom is by choosing some classy sanitary objects. One good example for such a glamorous object is the Matteo Thun’s Water Jewels collection. The collection includes wash basins made from precious materials and which have a stylish design. The whole gamma includes glass, ceramic, wood, marble and platinum washhand basins.

The Water Jewel wash basin with platin bowl has a 400 mm diameter and 140 mm height which makes it very discrete and elegant. Matteo Thun’s collection is manufactured by Vitra Bathroom from Germany. The collection’s name is very eloquent. These basins are real jewels which will decorate your home, not only thanks to their great design, but also for the expensive material they are made from. The natural components of the basin give a plus of authenticity and a more comfortable feeling for anyone who uses it. Their round shape reminds of perfection. They will harmonically fit your bathroom, either it’s designed in a classical or modern way.