Vertical Gardening Ideas

Do you love gardening? Is the limited space in your garden preventing you from enjoying your passion? Well, no need to worry. Not everyone is blessed with the privilege of extra space for landscaping. There are scores of people who have a small balcony or a tiny backyard. However, this does not imply that they cannot have a garden. It simply implies that they need to get extra creative.

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You will be delighted to know that creating a vertical garden is the perfect solution to the problem of limited space. There are umpteen numbers of plants, which grow and can also be trained to grow up and thus consuming almost 10% of the space.

Employ rain gutters by cutting them into two pieces and attaching them to the wall. Needless to be mentioned but plants love to grow in them. You can choose vining plants and herbs such as peppers and strawberries.

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Get terracotta pots in various sizes (from small to big with a difference of 3 inches between each of them) and stack them together by filling the largest pot with mud followed by the next big size and so on. The 3 inches gap which is available in each pot can be used to plant seeds.

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You may cover the porch from top to bottom with the help of a net. And then plant various creepers and vegetable plants at the bottom of the netting. These plants will twine up the net and create a lush green leafy wall offering you food as well as privacy. Few options of vegetable plants you may employ are beans, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, and many other vining plants. Alternatively, you may select flower creeper plants also such as venusta, bignonia, passiflora and bougainvillea.{pics from}