Unusual Artistic Fire Pit Looking Like Earth Globe

Fire is the important element that can protect life but also destroy it and it has always helped and fascinated people. Fire helps us get through the cold winters and lights our long nights. Fire has been brought to humans by Prometheus and he was punished for this. Or at least Greek legends claim that. But the point is we still use fire for both making our homes warm and also for preparing our food. Some of us even use fires as a reminder of the old camp fires, so they make fires when having garden parties and so on, especially at night. It can be the centerpiece of a nocturnal garden or beach party. And a pretty cool accessory for this kind of party might be this Unusual Artistic Fire Pit Looking Like Earth Globe.

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It is a fire pit, the place where you can light the fire without the danger of setting fire on the property. The pit is made of metal, is spherical in shape and has an unusual yet very interesting design: it looks like a globe, with all the continents and oceans . Actually the continents’ contours are carved in the metal so that the flames can get out through them. The designer’s name is Rick Wittrig and he made it from thick carbon steel. The item can be bought for $1,679.