Unique Astrological Art by StarArc

StarArc create sophisticated and modern art portraits based on the geometry of your astrological aspect pattern. The prints are one-of-a-kind abstract painted on canvas with the finest art printing methods. Starting from 279$ there are more than 30 color schemes, 8 sizes, and additional options to choose from to fit any interior environment.

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Modern and contemporary homes are often very difficult to decorate. They have a very simple style and the decorations must be appropriate, colorful and they have to create a strong impact on the viewers. People usually chose abstract figures in this case.

Unique Astrological Art by StarArc 1

These paintings, as you can see, are actually representing the same image with some variations, but in different colors and sizes. So even if they might look the same at first, on a second and more detailed look you can see that each and every one of them is unique. The geometric figures create the abstract image that you were looking for.


Unique Astrological Art by StarArc 1View in gallery

They could make great decorations in any modern or contemporary home. It’s a very simple design that doesn’t seem to transmit very much information, but the truth is that it gives you the freedom to use your imagination and creativity and make anything you want from it. It’s the type of picture that two people never distinguish as being the same. Have fun and enjoy!