Tulip Fireplace Designs by Biofireplace

Fireplaces are not anymore for indoor use only. Especially since they are not made according to the same traditional designs. The fireplace is now mobile and can be placed wherever you want and there are even fireplaces for the outdoor use.

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Outdoor fireplaces come in many designs and themes and are available in portable and custom models. Designed by Matteo Ragni, this stylish contemporary fireplace will add some sparks to your home. Inspired by nature with bold lines and gentle curves, it is ideal for compact spaces and available in freestanding floor, wall or hanging models, this vent-free fireplace is powered by bio ethanol that burns clean, free of smoke or ash .For more information visit and Italian company Biofireplace.

It’s modern and creative, not to mention earth-friendly because of the bio ethanol. The design presented here is available in white but it can be painted and decorated in any other color and pattern, according to your preferences.