Toy Box on Wheels from Maukilo

Kids rooms are the most difficult rooms to arrange in the house. And this is because you have to respect a lot of conditions. For example you need a lot of space on the floor because the kids play on the floor and also the room must be dynamic as they move from one place to another. Children are not very patient, so forget about storing their toys some place remote because they need easy access to everything in no time. But every mother’s dream is also to have a clean house, so it’s best to have some big storage box for all the kids’ belongings. Well, I have just found the object that fulfills all these requirements: the Toy Box on Wheels  from Maukilo.

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It is strong and sturdy and made of cardboard, so it is pretty lightweight. It has wheels so even kids can move it from one corner of the room to another. It has a colourful waterproof coating because accidents do happen when children are involved. What is one of its most important features in my opinion is that when you no longer use it, you can fold it and store some place. It is funny and very useful and you can order it for $29.99.