The Winsome Espresso Wine Butler

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just an occasional sipper, you have to admit that a wine butler is something almost essential for a home. It’s not a vital item for the house like the furniture or the kitchen appliances, but it’s something that most people opt for because it allows them to functionally store their wine while also providing a nice display for it.

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The Winsome Espresso Wine Butler is both elegant and functional. It includes a lower section with criss-crossed shelved that can hold up to 24 bottles of wine. On top of that there’s an upper cabinet that can be used to store glasses. The top can be used as an extra table on which to rest your glass. It’s triple functional since it’s not just a simple wine rack but it also includes a storage space for glasses and a table top.

It’s impressive that such a small item can hold up 25 bottles. That’s because it has a compact design that reveals little but actually hides a lot. The Winsome Espresso Wine Butler features a sleek, classic design. It’s elegant and simple and it’s also versatile. It can be integrated in the dining room or living room where it would make a beautiful addition. The dimensions of this product are 37″ H x 29.9″ W x 20.1″ D and the top expands to 43’’ W. You can buy it for $229.