The playful Player beanbag by Per Weiss

We’re presented here several articles related to some of the creations of Per Weiss. They were modern and minimalistic designs and usually included sofas and recliners. But the same designer shows us that the same creative mind can come up with more playful designs such as this lovely beanbag. It’s called Player and it’s a very beautiful and friendly piece of furniture.

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Beanbags are usually seen as casual accessories and they are seen in young people’s home. Teenager are big fans of these particular designs. However, this is a very versatile item and it can basically be included in any type of décor. This particular one, called Player, was designed by Per Weiss and Flemming Hojfeldt and it has some unique characteristics. It has a unique shape that ergonomically supports the body, neck and head at the same time, making this product a very comfortable piece of furniture.

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The Player has large dimensions and it can even be used by two persons simultaneously. It’s a great addition to the living room or bedroom. It can be used whenever you just want to chill or relax, when you want to adopt a comfortable position while watching TV or playing video games. The same model is also available in a small and in quilted versions. There are several colors and prints available and they are all playful and beautiful.