The new Clancy’s Fish Bar at City Beach

Paul Burnham Architect was chosen to design the new bar for Clancy’s Fish Pub located in Perth, Australia. The new bar is actually a renovation of a ten year old restaurant that was once there. The new construction is placed directly on the white sand. The clients will feel more welcomed this way. The bar also allows them to admire the very beautiful Indian Ocean.

Clancy%E2%80%99s Fish Bar City Beach

The idea behind this new project was to create a very colorful and happy space using vibrant colors. The result had to be a very friendly family pub where anyone would feel welcomed. In order to achieve that look the ceiling had to be painted in black so that the contrast with the other vibrant colors would be stronger. Then the whole ceiling was covered by twelve lavish fabric chandeliers. The chandeliers are very colorful and playful, using vibrant colored fabrics perfect to express the atmosphere of summer holydays. The floor, that was originally covered with concrete, is now painted with all sorts of funny patterns like mermaids and children’s games. This way everyone will be happy.

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Overall this is a very colorful place with a festive design. It’s a very pleasant place where the whole family can feel good, have a drink or something to eat after returning to the beach for more fun and relaxation.