The New Apple store in Grand Central Station

We all know how frustrating holidays can be and everything gets worst when technology gets on yours nerves too. Apple knows that too and, unlike other companies, they’ve decided to do something about it. That’s why they’ve placed one of their stores smack-dab in the center of Grand Central Station.

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This is the new Apple store from Grand Central Station. It’s located relatively in the center, maybe a little to the side on the North-East. The store just opened last week. It’s situated at the mezzanine of the Grand Central Station. The traffic there is fierce and this makes this location even more convenient. The store is unlike any other one from the same company. It has a splendid painted ceiling and lost of beautiful historic details.

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We can’t ignore the fact that this is a very smart location and the Apple guys were very smart for thinking at this. Considering how many people pass by and zoom through the station on a regular basis at least a small percentage of those people would eventually have to enter that store. The store gives travelers the perfect opportunity for last minute shopping. This way everybody wins. The travelers get to find gifts and to solve last minute shopping problems and the store does what it was designed to do: sell things.