The minimalist Big Boss Desk by Piergil Fourquie

This sleek but simple piece of furniture is called the Big Boss Desk and it was designed by Piergil Fourquie. It has a design inspired from architectural constructions based on the cantilever principle and it transforms and uses those concepts in a whole new way. This beautiful desk might not look very imposing but it surely deserves its name.

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The desk has a very simple and delicate design with curvilinear elements and sleek details. However, it is also a strong, durable and stable piece of furniture. The lacquered metal skirt gives it stability and it’s also a solid volume that supports the entire structure. It was designed in a very stylish manner and it manages to provide all those benefits without actually having a bulky look. The rest of the desk is made of light oak which creates a subtle but nice contrast with the metal area.

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The suspended top is well kept in place and it gives the user freedom in movement while also contributing to an overall chic look. The metal part hides the user’s legs and supports the top. It’s coated with leather on the interior and this creates a warm and casual but also elegant look. On the either side, the desk features two sleek legs. The desk also has a clever design that hides all the cables and electrical wires. It also includes practical storage space inside the drawer.