The Gaudi Stool by Bram Geenen

The first time I saw these photos I did not read the title, so I did not really know what I was looking at. And, to tell you the truth my first impression was that I was admiring some impressive architectural structure. Only after that I saw it was in fact a stool. But I got the idea why this stool got its name from the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. This piece of furniture was inspired from Gaudi’s works and adjusted to furniture design.

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The gaudi stool by bram geenen2View in gallery

The arches and gracious curves of this Gaudi stool remind you of some architectural lines and even when you look at it from the underneath you can say it resembles Gaudi’s works. I must admit it is really beautiful and eye-catchy and the carbon fiber polish on the outside is glamorous, but I can’t stop wondering if it is comfortable – at least a bit.This is the one of the most amazing furniture we have seen lately. The shape of the Gaudi Stool, designed by Dutch designer Bram Geenen. All in all, the designer offers a simple and sometimes affordable solution to furnishing your home.{found on yankodesign }