The Eclectic Patchwork Dresser

Perfect for almost any bedroom, this dresser has a unique design that makes it extremely stylish and versatile. The Patchwork Dresser, as its name clearly suggests, it an eclectic piece of furniture that features six different finishes. The variety of finishes and colors allows it to be visibly more versatile than most monochromatic pieces.The dresser is not only aesthetically unusual but also very functional.

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Structurally, it offers multiple storage spaces inside its drawers and compartments. It includes five spacious drawers and a cabinet. The drawers have different shapes and sizes introducing variety in yet another manner. The Patchwork Dresser is a wonderful piece to be used in a variety of spaces such as living rooms, entryways and, of course, bedrooms.Because of its variety of finishes and colors but also because of the way they have been combined which allows it to be reminiscent of a heirloom quilt, the dresser creates a very cozy atmosphere anywhere it’s placed.

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The drawers are made of solid wood and have varied veneer fronts. The dresser also has solid wood legs and an engineered wood frame with a lacquered finish. Its overall dimensions are 52″w x 18″d x 33″h. the handles are made of plated metal with brushed brass finishes and this gives the dresser a unique vintage appeal. The shape and the simplicity of the design allow it to be considered a modern piece of furniture but all the other details include it in the eclectic cathgory.