The colorful and fun Colorado bookcase

I can honestly say that I love this bookcase. I also like the name: Colorado. It’s both fun and original, just how the bookcase is. The Colorado bookcase has been designed by Carlo Pierantozzy in 2008. It’s a modular wall unit made of several different units. They all have different dimensions and different colors and they can be mixed and matched in any way you want.

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This means that you can create your own design and you can adapt it to the décor and the dimensions of the room. You can also use the units separately and it different rooms. The Colorado bookcase is made up of 5 different types of boxes. They have different dimensions and they can be randomly stacked or grouped in several columns or shapes. This modular bookcase is great for all types of spaces. You can use it in the living room if the décor allows you to or you can include it in the kid’s room.

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The boxes have anchoring systems on the 4 sides and this allows you to block them both laterally and vertically and to make sure the design and shape you choose will remain stable. There are three versions available: multi species wood venner, white lacquered MDF with oak veneer little box and multi colored lacquered MDF.