Sculptural Furniture Collection Ties The Knot In Style

Some artists can tame even the toughest materials and bend them at will, creating some of the most unique shapes and designs. Artisan Kino Guerin and his wife Elyse decided to work with wood which they handle to perfection. They created this amazing collection of benches, shelves and tables which feature smooth curves, exquisite lines and some of which look like they’ve been tied in a knot.

Why Knot BenchView in gallery

Why Knot Bench1View in gallery

The cleverly named “Why Knot Bench” is definitely one of the most interesting pieces in the collection. Made with laminated bent plywood and walnut veneers, this piece walks the line between a sculpture and a functional object.

Apple table woodView in gallery

Simple twist wall shelfView in gallery

Double twist wall selfView in gallery

Nebula tableView in gallery

Other unique designs included in this collection are the “Apple Table”, a piece with a versatile and multifunctional design, the “Simple Twist Shelf” which seems to defy gravity with its artistic design, the “Nebula Table” that sits perfectly level and stable and stands out with its knotted and twisted base and the “C Shelves” which are the simplest of all the pieces but definitely not lacking style or functionality.

C wood shelvingView in gallery

Any of these sculptural pieces of furniture could make an impression in any room. They make us look at wooden furniture in a new and unique way with their powerful, artistic presence.