Sierra Pitcher

Things that are made of ceramics have a very interesting thermal feature: they keep the temperature of the liquid or solid that you store in it for a long time. So if you cook something in a ceramic pot, it will stay hot for a long time and also the wine that you pour in a ceramic pitcher in summer and keep it in the fridge, will stay cool for a longer time than usual. So this Sierra Pitcher will turn out to be really useful in the upcoming summer. This is one of the things our ancestors discovered centuries ago and we re-discovered after a very long time.

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This pitcher is carefully crafted and made of curvy terracotta. It is encrusted with geometrical shapes and this gives it an original and interesting look. It is totally white and beautiful and looks amazing if filled with red wine. As it is thermo-resistant, it is safe to use the pitcher in the microwave oven and also in the dishwasher, so do not worry about this. You’d better take care of its content and also to keep it always clean and dry in a safe and nice place, as it is beautiful enough to be used as home accessory in itself. The item can now be purchased for €56.00.