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Playing With Fire, Shapes And Style – Our Top 9 Most Eye-Catching Rectangular Fire Pits

If you think home heating systems only look monotonous, modern design can prove you wrong. Take a look at the latest models of fire pits. Daring shapes, curved or straight lines, eccentric edges are an element of surprise. And they perfectly complement the practical function of heating units.

Rectangular Fire Pits

From rectangle to square and other variations of angles, these fire pits are hard to miss. Add them to your patio or backyard, for a modern touch and a reliable heat source. We’ve prepared a short list of tips on how to incorporate a rectangular unit into your outdoor decor. Explore our list of 9 fire pits that will leave your guests in awe with their exquisite design. Get cozy and let’s get started.

How To Blend Rectangular Fire Pits In Your Home Decor

When designing your outdoor decor, choosing your focal points is a good place to start. Fire pits successfully fulfill this role of drawing attention. More than that, they are often the element bringing people closer together. To make sure your outdoor design is cohesive, you need to be honest with what kind of pieces go together or not.

Each element you decide to include in your patio should align with some style standards. Having too many contrasting shapes or colors can turn a relaxing spot into an exhausting one. So how does a rectangular or square fire pit fit in the picture?

The best shape for your space depends on the dimensions of your area and how you plan to use that space. For a small gathering, a square unit is perfect to create an intimate lounge atmosphere. For medium-sized groups or if you want to enjoy dining outside, a rectangle is more adequate.

Up next, take a look at the overall image of your patio or backyard. Decide if your aim is to create a curvy or sharp look. Square or rectangular-shaped elements add a note of modernity and make your space look more tidy. If you want to define a formal area, yet where your guests can feel comfortable around the fire, square units are ideal. Creating a structured landscape is easier with their right angles and straight lines. A note of comforting regularity also derives from these characteristics.

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Next to a love seat or outdoor sofa, a square or rectangular fire pit will fit neatly in and complement the geometry. It is also convenient to arrange seating along the fire pits lines. They blend in great with a modern home’s architecture and its surroundings as well. By the swimming pool or next to a privacy wall, rectangular fire pits will be easier to merge than a round model. They create an eye-catching fixture between divided areas.

Don’t be afraid to break some rules though. Pair up modern shapes with striking materials and colors, to turn your square fire pit into a statement-maker. Express your creativity and personality through a bold choice.

If you still find it difficult to decide, here are some questions to sum it up and help you clear the doubts. Answer them and you should get a better idea of the main features your chosen fire pit should have.

  • Do you want to create a modern, formal space or a soft, flowing, curvilinear design?
  • Does this fire pit leave enough space for people to gather and talk? Does it allow you to include other furniture around?
  • In the given space, is there enough air flow around and over the fire?
  • How close are any household flammable items that can be a hazard? 
  • Do you want to leave the fire pit in one place for good? Or would you prefer to move it around the patio, depending on the situation?
  • What color palette guides you in choosing the other elements of your outdoor haven? 
  • How diverse are the other materials, shapes and textures do you plan to have in your space?
  • What budget do you have in mind for investing in a fire pit?
  • How much do you plan to allocate for the fuel-associated costs?

Our Top 9 Favorite Square And Rectangular Fire Pits

Take your time to answer the above questions and get your ideas in order. To help you connect the dots easier, we’ve put together a list of 9 stylish, eye-catching fire pits. Square, rectangular or with a contemporary touch, their design is sure to impress. Not to mention that these fire pits do a great job at keeping you warm for long conversations after dinner. Ready to close in by the fire pit?

Sequence Concrete Propane Fire Pit

Rectangular Fire Pits

Keep your coffee close even on cold mornings by the deck. The Sequence Concrete Propane Fire Pit combines hot looks with efficient heating. A modern design, elegant and inspired by the cubist style defines this piece. Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere wherever you need it with this propane-fueled unit. The low profile of this fire table makes it irresistible and at the same time, ideal for casual reunions. Portable and easy to install, this fire pit lets you spark gorgeous flames even by the beach. Place it by the pool or in your patio as an element of a pleasant surprise. The greyish-green stone appearance will turn the tables in any monotonous setting. Extra-safe and clean, the flames are adjustable and the lava rocks amplify the glow spread around the fire pit.

Dundridge Fire Mate Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

Rectangular Fire Pits

Cut to impress, the Dundridge Fire Mate Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit surely stands out from the crowd. With sharp edges and a unique design, this piece is one that lasts for a long time. Heavy 12 gauge steel makes it sturdy and easy to maintain. The flower pattern cut on the metal walls creates a surreal atmosphere around the fire. Inspired by the European design, made in the USA, this fire pit transforms any campfire into a storytelling experience.

Woodcroft Concrete Propane Fire Pit

Rectangular Fire Pits

Warmth at the press of a button? The Woodcroft Concrete Propane Fire Pit provides that and much more. Outstanding and effective, this Magnesium Oxide unit surprises with its concrete look. Complement any modern decor with this gray-cement fire pit and enjoy how easy it is to get cozy. Leave the smoke memories behind and indulge yourself with clean flames. This propane-fueled unit comes with decorative lava rocks that amplify its charming effect. Place it wherever you need, including on a wooden deck. With a proper heat resistant barrier, this fire pit will keep you safe from cold and boredom anywhere.

Geo Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

Rectangular Fire Pits

Back to basics, the Geo Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit conquers hearts with its simplicity. Made of top-notch heavy-gauge steel, this little fellow keeps you warm and saves space. Enjoy a traditional wooden fire, for many seasons to come. The thick, long-lasting materials ensure your flames are safely held inside the pit. Thanks to its reduced size, you can take this fire pit with you literally everywhere. This piece is everything you need for a night by the fire, under the stars.

Catalina Concrete Fire Pit

Rectangular Fire Pits

With a clean, chic cut and an alluring finish, the Catalina Concrete Fire Pit will leave you and your guests in awe. Made to resist any weather conditions and keep you warm for many years to come, this unit has a 65,000 BTU. High-performing, durable and gorgeous, this fire pit is a headturner in any outdoor space. Redefine style and transform your patio in a fashionable area for gatherings. Stories shared around this fire pit will become memorable, for sure. Enjoy a clean flame and no worry for cleaning the ashes later, as this piece needs natural gas to function.

Bellagio Iron Propane Fire Pit

Rectangular Fire Pits

Adjust the flame and get the party started. The Bellagio Iron Propane Fire Pit disguises even an unattractive gas tank and makes it look sharp. This chic fire pit dazzles with its sleek iron slats, making your outdoor gatherings hard to forget. Fit it right next to some comfy seats and enjoy some quality time with your friends by the fire. Relax and admire the clean sparks on a crisp night, without any ashes to clean the next day. This iron beauty is easy to transport and install anywhere you need it. That includes even a wooden deck, as long as you have a heat resistant barrier too. Propane-fueled, this fire pit is a must for those looking to redefine their patio or backyard with a dash of modern.

Uptown-K Crystal Concrete Propane

Rectangular Fire Pits

With its state-of-the-art design, the Uptown-K Crystal Concrete Gas Fire Pit Table is a jewel. Merging classy granite and aesthetic stucco, the unit steals hearts at first sight. Clean lines draw your attention to the stunning Stainless Steel Crystal Fire® Burner. Use it as a centerpiece in any outdoor space and trust its flame to keep you warm. Appealing colors or high performance are some of the unit’s irresistible features. The functional and beautiful 2-tiered design of this fire table draws everyone around. Enjoy a conversation or simply your coffee close to the fire. With a BTU output of 100500 units, this fire pit will melt away all your fears of chilly nights. You can adapt it for both liquid propane or natural gas fueling.

Pismo Electronic Ignition Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Rectangular Fire Pits

A cozy color touch merges with top-notch technology in the Pismo Stainless Steel Fire Pit. Featuring electronic ignition as the main characteristic, this fire pit is here to impress. The Pismo beach in California, with its stunning vertical cliffs, inspired this design. Make your outdoor space classy, with simple lines and an eye-pleasing color. Get ready to enjoy more fires outside, as this unit includes a gas conversion option. Made in the USA, this fire pit will last you for years to come, facing any kind of weather even.

Get Fired Up With The Topic?

Hope our selection of fire pits managed to melt your heart, without freezing your budget. Go through our tips and list, to see which square or rectangular fire pit is the one for your outdoor space. From cutting-edge to classical designs, we know you can find something to match your taste. What gets you all fired up? Pick your favorite and share with us your impressions on square fire pits. Prepare to stay as warm as toast during those long conversations around the fire.