The Quirky Coffee Shop That Used To Be An Alleyway

Happy Bones used to be a pop up coffee shop until recently when it managed to find its permanent location in the SoHo neighborhood of New York. But this transformation is not nearly as impressive as the one the site went through.

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Originally, the area now occupied by the coffee shop used to be an alleyway between two existing buildings. The transformation was the result of the collaboration between UM Project and Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design.

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The first is a furniture manufacturer, UM standing for “Users & Makers”. They design and manufacture modern furniture using traditional techniques that have been adapted for the contemporary user. For them, every project is the result of a strong relationship between design and fabrication.

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Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design is a studio driven by a passion for color and a strong, clean and refreshing look. Established in 1999, the studio experiments and explores many areas of design and applies the findings to both commercial and residential projects.

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Happy Bones is a boutique coffee shop that measures 432 square feet. Given the reduced dimensions, the designers had to find ways to maximize the usable space for customers without making any big compromises.

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The owners envisioned the interior with a design unlike those of any other coffee shop. It had to be atypical and to stimulate the customers in more than one way. As a result, this place offers both great coffee and art and publications from around the world.

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The interior, as tiny as it may be, was divided into three zones. The first is the entryway which was decorated with custom wallpaper that revives the charm of the 80’s.

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The second zone is the seating area and is all white. It also includes a gallery and publication display area. This is where the customers spend most of their time, enjoying the coffee and browsing through magazines or admiring the artwork.

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The third zone is in the back. This is where the orders are taken. It has a customized counter with a geometric design.

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The whitewashed brick wall connect all the three zones and keep the coffee shop bright, airy and cozy while also offering it a lot of character and allowing it to become an eclectic space. This is one of the several industrial details that characterize the coffee shop. Other highlights include materials such as perforated mesh, blackened steel and wood.

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The chromatic palette is mostly based on neutrals and includes shades of white, gray and black with a few bright blue accents sprinkled across the space.

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