Queen Anne Eye Clinic reception from Kerf

Kerf is a Seattle based furniture manufacturer and designer that has been providing high quality furniture for many offices in many companies. One of them is the Queen Anne Eye Clinic where they provided the front desk or reception desk. You may not be aware of that but the customer’s first impression is very important, especially when talking about clinics where they are supposed to heal and treat you, so they must earn the customer’s confidence before they even step foot in the doctor’s surgery. That is why the reception desk is their first contact and of utmost importance. And if you take a look at this nice and eye-catchy front desk at Queen Anne Eye clinic you will see my point.

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It is solid but friendly, with warm colours and a shade of red that gives confidence and trust, even a happy sensation. It does not have sharp edges, but on the contrary, all margins are round and the outer shelves complete the picture in a fortunate way. These shelves do not affect the client, but can be used for displaying different advertisement in a pleasant way. The entire furniture is made of plywood and shows a professional touch. Not to mention the inspired combination of colours of the designer: red, beige and a bit of grey on the countertop. Great job.