Putto Espresso Cup and Saucer – the Winged Cup

Sometimes when you are in a hurry you wish you had wings so that you could fly to work and be there is time, without having to wait in traffic for a long time. And sometimes you get up already tired and wish you had some magical remedy that can give you “wings” and energy for the day. Well, you could try drinking your steaming cup of coffee poured into this nice and original Putto espresso cup.

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This unique cup and saucer is made of ceramics and looks pretty simple and plain but for the unusual wings that replace the traditional handle. The wings are made of silicone and that confers a firm grip on the cup and also feel very nice in your hand. This cup is now available with black, purple and cream wings attached to a white cup and they sell each for about $14.95 CAD.So if you want to get a special gift for the angel in your life, maybe you should consider purchasing one of these amazing items.