Pumpkin Adorned Patios: Decor Ideas

Pumpkins are a quintessential fall decor piece. Big or small, orange or white, on the patio or on the porch; whatever the case may be, we all need pumpkins to decorate for the Autumn season, in and around the house! Mix them with gourds, piled them on hay bails or use them along with all of your creepy, spooky Halloween pieces. Take a look at all the lovely ways to adorn your patio (or porch) with pumpkins!

1. Halloween faces.

Stairs pumpkins

Cover the porch with bouts of Jack-o-Laterns! Carve a bunch of faces into lots of fun-shaped pumpkins for a fun and playful Halloween night!

2. Every step of the way.

Frogsleap stairs

Sometimes it’s nice to just buy a bunch of pumpkins that inspire you. Then, fill every step with a sprinkle of different sizes and shapes.

3. Right in front.

Traditional exterior halloween

Place them right before the welcome even begins. Use some fresh pumpkins to adorn the plots in front of the patio for an unsuspecting surprise.

4. Simplicity at its finest.

Traditional entry halloween pumpkins

Sometimes simple is best. Grab some good size pumpkins and line them up. It’s easy and they mix well with any of fall decor, from corn husks to a small, Halloween sign.

5. Some white ones.

DIY Pumpkin Topiary

Paint them or buy them that way. White pumpkins add a chic, modern touch to a house that loves contemporary, slick style.

6. Stacked nicely.

Fall front porch for halloween

We’re used to pumpkins being lined up and clustered, but in fact, they look quite nice stacked too! Find ones with flatter bottoms to create this playful look.

7.Pumpkin-shaped decor.

Strawbale pumpkins

It’s still a pumpkin adorned patio if just the shape is used! Take a look at these amazing straw pumpkins. They’re unique and give the house a warm, cozy welcoming.

8. Just a small cluster.

Pergola design pumpkins

One small gathering is simple enough for a clean style but still fall-friendly and festive. Gather your gourds in a particular spot and design the space just the way you like it.

9. Hidden subtly.

White porch for halloween1

You may not be one to go with the trends, but who doesn’t love a pumpkin? Even if you want to forgo the usual pumpkin on the patio, try a bit of subtly in your decorating, even if it’s just one.

10. A little bit country.

Eclectic porch design pumpkins

In a wagon, in a basket or filling a cornucopia, create a comfy, cozy place to relax during all those crisp, fall evenings. Bend the rules a bit and use the shabby chic, country style as inspiration.