Prospero Keyboard Support from Knoll

Nowadays we have our house to worry about , but also our offices when it comes to furniture. That is because we now want ergonomic furniture that allows us to remain healthy even after we have to work in an office and sit for hours in a chair in the same position. So we are looking for comfortable furniture that will not hurt our backs. But we have to take care of our hands, too. That is because we are spending more and more time in front of computers and we are now developing computer related injuries. So we need good quality office furniture, like this Prospero Keyboard support from Knoll.

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This keyboard support is perfect because it gets attached to your desk and you only slide it our when you need the keyboard. It is sturdy and resistant and large enough for both your keyboard and computer mouse. Don’t worry about your wrists, as you will not hurt them when using this support because it has a special soft edge to protect them. It is thin enough not to bump your knees into it and also allows left-handed people to use the same support as the right-handed ones, which is great. The support is made of very strong plastic with a steel stiffened plate at the base of the platform. You can adjust it on height and rotate it, mount this support on every piece of furniture, so it’s perfect.