Paddy Fox Cushion

People have always been connected to nature and depended on it to survive. But now they have become a bit more independent and estranged from it, but probably the special link with the wild animals and plants are imprinted in our DNA because I can see all children are fascinated by them. We now live in towns and cities and we rarely come across wild animals, but children read stories about them and see them at the zoo, so they keep on being fascinated by them. That is why many manufacturers of kids stuff like bedding, clothes or toys studied them and used animal patterns on their products. This Paddy Fox Cushion is kids’ favourite and they simply love it .

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The cushion not only has a fox print on it, but it is shaped like a fox head. This way the children can show their affection to the animal by hugging the cushion and can use it to turn their room into a forest or whatever they imagine. The cushion is soft and comfortable and is made of natural fabrics. The dyes used for the cushion are non toxic and perfectly safe for your kid. The funny cushion that is shaped like a fox head is now available on Urban Outfitters for €34.00.