New Ways to Use Art in a Room

When you hear the word ‘artwork’ you might think that it refers to classic, expensive pieces of art that are hung on the wall. But artwork can refer to various other things that add character or sentimental value to a room without being costly. Here are some examples of artwork and how to use them in your living space.

Try a Tile or Two.

Bathroom wall art
Tiles are an Easy DIY Trick

Although tiles look good when they’re on the floor, they can also be used as a piece of art. Choose a few tiles and place them on one section of the wall for an instantly modern and creative décor design.

Bring the Outdoors In.

Bathroom wall art
Sticks in a Formation look like Wall Art

Taking items from the garden, such as sticks, and rearranging them in a creative pattern can become an artistic piece that guests will be sure to appreciate.

Bathroom wall art
Wood goes on the Wall

Wood planks are another great idea. The more rustic and unevenly patterned, the better!

Hang it Right.

Bathroom wall art
Place Art in New Ways

Sometimes it’s not just what artwork you have on the wall but how you hang it up. Instead of sticking to the traditional ways of hanging picture frames, try more creative ideas, such as using rope, wire or chains for a more dramatic effect.

Bathroom wall art
Make it Asymmetrical

Another tip is not to focus too much on pieces of art being symmetrical. When it comes to art panels that are separate pieces joined together to create a large image, experiment by not keeping them in symmetrical order. This can be a fun and intriguing way to present art.

Light the Way.

Bathroom wall art
Lighting Fixtures add an Artistic Touch

Lighting is an important part of creating the right atmosphere but it can also be artistic. Beautiful light fixtures on the wall can be art in and of themselves.

Bathroom wall art
Light Patterns on the Wall

Using light fixtures that display light in various ways on the wall can be artistic. In this case the light itself notches up creative appeal.

Shelves with Character.

Bathroom wall art
Shelves become Tangible Art

Your shelving ideas can be a piece of art, too. By creating shelving that is placed in an interesting design on the wall, it becomes 3D art in a flash which makes it so much more than just useful storage space.

Personal Memento Art.

Bathroom wall art
Make it More about You

Your home décor should display objects that are important to you. Don’t be afraid to put your personality on the wall as art, in the form of pictures or other special items that are meaningful to you. This not only creates sentimental wall art but it is unique to your home. The bonus is that you can place your family mementos in one spot where they can always be seen and enjoyed.

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