Modern Tube Radiators by Roberto and Ludovica Palomba

Although the kitchen has evolved to the statute of social space, not all utilitarian areas have done the same. The bathroom remains in the same category with very few exceptions that feature it as a spa-like zone. Yet there are simpler ways to make a bathroom look stylish without requiring a lot of space and without compromising its functionality.


The t.b.t. radiators by TUBES is a really simple and stylish example. Defined by simplicity, the Elements collection includes a series of radiator elements suitable for contemporary bathrooms. The elements look like simple pipes and they can feature a chromed brass finish or a colored look. They’re 7 cm in diameter and feature a special internal circuit that allows water to flow through and can also accommodate an electric element.


The versatility of the t.b.t. bathroom radiators can be best appreciated through the fact that they are available in both hydraulic and electrical versions. A terminal knob acts as a switch and can be used to turn on and off the electric element.


The radiators can be installed both vertically and horizontally and their minimalist and attractive design allows them to be incorporated in modern and contemporary bathrooms. In addition, they double as towel warmers and hangers and this makes them space-efficient and suitable for tiny bathrooms.