Colorful 2B bookcase by Mob

I guess that in every house you can see a bookcase. Usually their form is classic and all you can find on the shelves are some books that seem to have the same dimensions. Nowadays things seem a little bit different. The modernity brought us some new and contemporary models of bookcases that tend to have a total different design from a classic one and sometimes their shelves can also accommodate some other items or decorative objects.

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It is also the case of 2B which is a modern bookcase which looks like a classic one as its shelves keep the same classic design as an ordinary bookcase. You will see that it is a practical piece of furniture that can also become a wonderful storage place for some of your objects.

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2B was designed by the Mexican studio Mob. Its characteristic consists in the combination of these classic shelves and the rotating colorful dividers. These moving panels come in different vivid colors like yellow, red, brown or black and allow you to accommodate different objects of various sizes on the shelves of the bookcase. It will also bring some color to your interior design and it is a piece of furniture that is available in walnut or lacquered ash.