Cloud bench with back by B&B Italia

The Cloud collection includes a series of benches, with or without backs, designed for public spaces. The malls have more and more awesome benches for those who want to sit down for some minutes. The linear benches can be combined with curved elements to create free flowing compositions. The sofa with upholstered bench-style seat, with or without backrest, is supported by a polished metal tube that conveys a sense of lightness and mid-air suspension. The Cloud bench with back by B&B Italia is available for $4,639.00.

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All the pieces from this collection have a very simple and neat design, but they are also very comfortable and soft, and that’s really all you need when you’re tired and all you want is a place where to rest your feet for a few minutes. They were designed for public spaces and you can tell that by the way they look like. That’s not a insult, it’s just a simple remark.

The pieces from this collection come in a very soft tone of grey, an extremely neutral tone.  This, together with the simplicity of the design and the clean lines give them a somewhat elegant look.  The design also has a modern flare, a fact that makes it perfect for a mall or other type of public structure.