Classic Nurseries: Ideas & Inspiration

Nurseries are your baby’s new haven. It’s supposed to be cozy, so if you decide to go for traditional, don’t worry that you’re not being “stylish” enough because going with tradition is never a wrong move.

Classic nurseries are adorable. They’re homey, they’re timeless and perfect for your precious new bundle of joy. But there’s always little special ideas you can incorporate to make it unique. Stay a while and sift through our inspirations and tips on how to create the most charming classic nursery.

1. Baby blues and Baby pinks.

Classic nursery roomView in gallery

Pink nursery roomView in gallery

Yes, blue is for the boys and pinks are for the girls! When you’re looking to create a classic baby nursery, you’ve got to stick with the classic colors. Stay with baby blue for your little man and light, soft pinks for your little darling.

2. Canopies.

Canopy nursery bedView in gallery

To keep baby comfy and cozy during nap time and at night, add a beautiful canopy to keep him or her feeling safe and secure. Girl it up with soft pinks and golds, or keep it blue and sheer for your baby boy.

3. Nursery name.

Personalized hanging monkey wall decal weedecorView in gallery

You can’t complete a Classic Nursery without adding a name! Whether you decide to use wooden letters, stickers or paint them on yourself, it’s quite easy to add your new baby’s name to the wall.

4. Dark chocolate cribs.

Dark chocolate cribsView in gallery

One of the signature pieces of a nursery is, of course, the crib. And when I think classic nursery, I think of a chocolate brown beauty that keeps your baby comfy at night and looks great with any color.

5. Teddy bears.

Contemporary pink nurseryView in gallery

You have got to have teddy bears! For your baby to cuddle with and adorn the room, you’ve got to include some adorable, fluffy bears!

6. A rocking chair.

Roking chairView in gallery

A rocking chair is an absolute must. Obviously for functionality reasons, but to round out a classic nursery you have to include a beautiful chair to rock your baby to sleep.

Whether you decide to add some princess decor, some monkeys for a jungle-themed adventure, airplanes and trains for your little boy or some ballet slippers for your little girl, there are certain things a classic nursery must have. Keep things simple and homey and use all of these ideas for help inspire you to create something perfect for your new, precious addition to your family. But most importantly, as usual, be creative and have fun.