Charity Mugs from West Elm

I am sure you all know about the little scout girls who come at your door asking you to buy their cookies in order to use the money for charity. Well, there are many non profit organizations that use this way of making money and helping the ones who really need that. For example they make personalized mugs and sell them on the Internet, in the online stores and they use 50% of the profit for charity. I mean they take simple white porcelain mugs and paint them by hand as their imagination goes free.These Charity Mugs from West Elm are available in seven models, each for $6.99.

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Each of these nice and funny mugs represents a non profit organization like ASPCA®, Architecture for Humanity, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Teach for America, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, NRDC and Heifer® International. You can choose from different mug patterns like : A, B, C, Earth and a whale, a funny dog, a tree, the shape of a girl’s head, a head, a barn, a painted hand and so on. If you purchase one of these mugs you will have the possibility to enjoy your morning coffee sipped from an interesting and unique design and also to help those in need for a small price. I think it is worthwhile.