Chantilly Handmade Decanter

The funny thing about wine is that it must not be opened when stored because this will make it go bad, but when you drink it, you need to place it into something open because it needs to “breathe” in order to offer you its true flavour. That is why you need a decanter when serving wine at the table. This Chantilly Handmade Decanter is something very special and it will certainly be admired by your guests. First of all it is designed by Luciano Lorenzatti for Umbra, which is a well-known design company.

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Then it is handmade, meaning that it is made of hand blown glass, a skill that is passed on from generation to generation for centuries. This decanter has a very interesting shape and also an interesting angle for the opening. Besides, as the wine is dropping level in the decanter, you will be able to see a glass protuberance inside that is actually the decanter bottom, high inside it, looking like a little pyramid. Specialists say this decanter design combines Italian and also South American influences and they all can be seen if you take a close look at the item. But for those who are not specialists, but only like having good wine for dinner, this instrument is some funny tool that you can buy for $110.