Chalkboard Globe

I love Geography and I have always had a passion for this. I wanted to know all the countries of the world since I was a little kid and I can see this is my daughter now. That is why I decoded it would be a good idea to get a globe so that I could show her what our world looks like. Of course, the normal globe with all the continents and countries colourfully painted on is very interesting, but I found something even more interesting, this time for myself. This  Chalkboard Globe is the perfect gift for a person like me who loves Geography and would love to have notes on a chalkboard globe instead on a normal post-it. Or maybe it could be the perfect gift for an extravagant person who wants to have a cruise around the globe and does not know where to start. Any way, the point is that this is a great gift, no matter what you decide to do with it afterwards.

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You can use this globe as an unique accessory for your desk or living room and it will make your room more interesting. It is indeed a chalkboard globe, so you can write on it using chalk, but all the outlines of the continents are already painted in permanent white paint. As for the rest of the black background, you can use it for making notes, calculations or for leaving funny messages to your boyfriend or husband. A great gift for $112.