Cars Toothbrush Holder

Kids love cartoons very much, but older kids can’t wait to see and appropriate cartoon film for them. So when “Cars” movie appeared with all the talking colourful cars around Radiator Springs town, all the kids became instant fans and started driving their parents crazy when asking all sorts of items with Lightning McQueen on them. So , according to the kids wish, producers of all kinds started a race for putting this character on every single item on the market. That is how it ended on a toothbrush holder for the kids.

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This car shaped toothbrush holder looks exactly like the funny cartoon racer Lightning McQueen and has three available holes on top of it, each for a toothbrush. It is made of a resin that makes it very easy to care for and that can be easily wiped clean. It is now available for just $14.25 and if you want to really surprise your kid, you can match it with a similar design tumbler, soap dish, soap dispenser and even a waste paper basket.