Captivating Interior Images by Abelardo Morell

I think everybody loves traveling. It is wonderful to discover new places, enchanting landscapes and meet wonderful people of different kinds. Traveling offers you the opportunity to find out many interesting things which will complete your knowledge about the surrounding world.

Work of Abelardo Morell

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in an armchair or on your bed and wondering yourself how it would be to see Florence or Venice from that place .All these things would be possible with a little help from your imagination and some more help from the images applied on the walls of your rooms, created by the Cuban photographer Abelardo Morell.

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He began his work with Camera Obscura, using black and white photography but recently he has become more interested into color photography and other new techniques which might help him develop his artistic work. He created these images by blackening the windows of the room and pricking a tiny hole in the window covering. Then the outside environment is naturally projected upside- down on the interior of the room, wrapping everything contained within.

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The images created by him will provide comfort and will make you travel to wonderful places which you maybe have never had the chance to visit them yet.