CableBox Mini

I just hate the moment when I have to clean under my home desk because this is where all the cables from my computer lie on the floor. And the more peripherals I get the more cables get clustered under my desk. In time the dust covers them and it’s insane to try and clean everything after two or three months. Then there’s the cable from the phone landline. The person who came and installed the line thought I would need to walk around the house with the phone in my hand so they let about 10 meters of cable attached to it. Yes, it’s a total chaos. But until I have enough money and find enough gadgets to have a totally wireless home, I am so glad I found the CableBox Mini.

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It is a nice and colourful plastic box that is meant to keep all the cables secure in one place, having them stored away from water and dust and making your house look beautiful at the same time. The box has two openings on the sides, leaving both sides of the cables go their way – in the plug and in the computer or appliance. It can also hide router cords, adapters and small hubs . It is available in many colours and is very simple to use. You can buy now this gadget for just $29.95.