Build it, Then Gild it!

Gold leafing is a trend in home décor that is also known as gilding. With gold accessories becoming hot property in design, a bit of gold can do wonders for your living space. Here is how to easily achieve a slice of the luxury in your home.

Choose a Wall Sculpture.

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Delicate Gold is Subtle Yet Powerful

Gilded wall art can be an excellent way to bring sophistication and creativity to a bland white wall. Keep the rest of your room’s décor toned down, however, for greater effect.

Old and Gold Work like a Charm.

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Viva Vintage!

The bathroom is the perfect place to achieve some gold flair. Gilding works especially well with Renaissance-inspired, vintage furniture and accessories. The look exudes richness and luxuriousness.

Decadent Roman Designs.

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Italian Flair Creates Class

Another dramatic and exquisite way to achieve gilding is through Roman inspiration: think long columns and decorative arches. A bit of gold brought to these designs goes a long way to making the living space much more lavish.

Tips for Gold in the Modern Home.

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Remember: Less is More

You can add some gilding delight to your home in easy ways, without it having to be reminiscent of a previous era. A few items, such as gold statues or accessories can be a great way to embolden your living space in a modern setting. Make them interesting enough to warrant attention.

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Choose a Gold Item and Focus on it

Even just one statement piece – such as a gilded mirror – can take a modern living space to greater heights. The beauty about gilded items is that they blend well with various color palettes, from the neutrals to the blues, and even deeper shades, depending on the type of look you want. Keep the room neutral if you want a sleek, modern atmosphere.

Divinity in the Details.

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Gilded Faucets are a Hot Décor Trend

Remember, it’s the small details that go a long way to changing the face of your décor or solidifying your theme. Golden faucets are a big trend in design at the moment. These details uplift a bathroom or kitchen easily and add a touch of class.

Gilded Wallpaper.

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Easy DIY Gold Décor on the Walls

Wallpaper is always an easy way to make your room more interesting and/or colorful. Gilded wallpaper, on the other hand, takes the décor update one step further. Gilded wallpaper might not be suitable for all the room’s walls, especially if the pattern is intricate, but it could make an accent wall a vibrant accessory to your room.

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