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Maximize Home Protection From Intruders With Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are essentially devices that are made to detect activity. They can be used both indoors and outdoors to enhance protection or the brightness of your home. There are multiple technologies integrated within a motion sensor, and there are a number of components that you should take note of when purchasing one for your home.

If you’re in the process of buying a motion sensor, there are a few things that you’d need to consider. To help you get started, we’ll detail some of the features you should look for when shopping for a motion sensor, and even some of the different types of motion sensors that are available. We’ve also got a list of 6 of the best motion sensors to get you started.

Features to Look for

There are a couple of features you should look for when it comes to purchasing a motion sensor. The first is the range of activity, if you’re buying a motion sensor for home security, you want to make sure that it’s able to adequately detect home intrusions. Next, you’ll want to take a look at their installation type. Motion sensors that are wireless are the easiest to install, but there are a number of brands that will require professional installation.

You’ll also need to consider the power source as even though some of them are powered by battery, others are solar-powered or utilize other sources. Try to purchase a motion sensor that you won’t have to hardwire as that can be a more complicated process. Other features that are good for motion sensors include built-in lighting, image capture or video surveillance along with a built-in siren or ringtone to let lurkers or criminals know that they’re spotted.

Types of Motion Sensors

There are a few different motion sensors to consider. The first is a passive infrared motion sensor that detects body heat. They’re the most widely used motion and essentially detects heat and movement. Microwave sensors are similar but instead of heat, they measure the reflection from a moving object.

You’ve also got dual technology motion sensors that have a combination of the two sensors mentioned above. With these combined features, it helps to minimize false alarms since both sensors need to trip before the alarm is triggered. Other motion sensors include area reflective type sensors that measure the distance to the person or object, and vibration motion sensors that as the name suggests, detects vibration.

1. BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated HD Security Cam Two Way Talk

If you’re looking for a motion sensor light, this is a great purchase. Motion is detected if you come within three to five meters of the sensor, and the light will turn on automatically. The light has numerous features including no dim mode to help increase the life span of the product.

There are also 28 powerful LEDs incorporated within the light, and a 120-degree motion angle to provide excellent illumination in dark spaces. The lampshade that covers the LED light is well-designed and provides it with long-lasting durability. What’s great about this particular light, is that it’s also charged by sunlight during the daytime to work perfectly at night.

Since it’s a solar-powered light, it’ll help you save both electricity and minimize the cost of your utility bills. These lights are also outdoor resistant and heat-resistant so it’s perfect for installation in your outdoor patio, garden, deck, and more. If the light doesn’t detect motion within 30 seconds, it also automatically turns off – saving you energy.

2. Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated HD Security Cam Two Way Talk

Another great motion sensor light is this LED spotlight by Mr. Beams that requires no wiring. All you have to do is insert some batteries, attach it to any surface, and you’re good to go. They are great outdoor lights that’ll also provide your home with some security and can be installed anywhere from your doorway to your garage.

In terms of brightness, this LED light will provide any space with sufficient illumination, and the motion sensor will turn the LED light on and off automatically. Its weatherproof design means that it’s incredibly durable and will also provide 350 square feet of coverage. It’s designed to be a light that’s both simple, affordable, and effective.

Other features include being able to provide 140 lumens of light, motion activation from 30 feet away, and a 30-second auto shut off to prolong battery life. Each set purchased will also last for at least one year, and it’s able to withstand all weather conditions – making it great for outdoor use. While it is perfect for illuminating a space, it’s also ideal for safety, security, and convenience around the home.

3. Mr. Beams MB 723 MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated HD Security Cam Two Way Talk

For motion sensor lighting that’s reliable and trustworthy this Mr. Beams stick-anywhere night light is the way to go. You can place it anywhere from your hallway to your bedrooms and more. It’s battery operated so you won’t have to worry about hardwiring, and it’ll take less than 5 minutes to illuminate your home.

Its small size and weather-resistant material will provide long-lasting durability and you can install it anywhere from indoor to outdoor spaces. With each light, you’ll get 20 lumens of bright light, and it’ll last for at least a year. The motion sensor will be triggered within 9 feet, and it’ll switch off after 30 seconds if there’s no motion detected.

While this might be a smaller light, it still has powerful features from its bright 20-lumen output that covers 10 square feet, to its housing design that focuses the light beam downward. Its motion activation and auto-shutoff feature help with conserving battery life, and best of all, installation is a breeze. Simply insert the batteries, mount to your desired location and you’re all set.

4. LEPOWER 35W LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Light Outdoor

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated HD Security Cam Two Way Talk

For a premium motion sensor light, these LED security lights will have you covered. It’s powered by a Samsung LED lamp bead and hence can produce up to 3,500 lumens and illuminate the entire space. Due to its unique construction, this particular light can also save more than 80% on your electricity bill in comparison to traditional halogen lights.

If you’re looking for lights that’ll provide you with adequate security, these upgraded motion sensor lights are fantastic. The lights itself are triggered by any moving object and can sense items that are up to 72 feet away. It also has a 180-degree wide detection angle, and you can also install cameras behind the security light if you wish.

With these lights, you don’t have to worry about installation as you can do it on your own and won’t require any professional help. When the security light is triggered, it can remain switched on from between 10 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes. You can adjust the three security light heads and the motion sensor to an angle of your preference as well.

Since it’s meant for outdoor use, these security lights are completely constructed with aluminum and have excellent heat dissipation which makes it much more durable than other brands. It has waterproof qualities and is a great light that’s suited to all weather conditions.

5. Wyze Cam V2 1080P Indoor Smart Home Camera with

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated HD Security Cam Two Way Talk

Looking for a motion sensor camera that offers a wealth of features? The Wyze Cam V2 will offer exactly that. It has motion tracking, two-way audio, free cloud storage, and even a microSD card slot that you can place in your camera for recording. Its video quality is incredibly sharp, and the audio transmission is also clean and crisp.

It’s a tiny camera that has the same flexible hinge and swivel base that gives you a little more leeway in terms of adjustability. The base can attach the camera to any metal surface, while the metal disc and adhesive can help attach it to surfaces that are non-metal.

Its sensor is technologically advanced, and whenever triggered it will draw a box around whatever or whoever has triggered the recording. Along with the motion sensor feature, this camera also has a microphone and two-way speaker audio along with four infrared LEDs for 30 feet of black and white night vision.

Everything can be recorded and also sent directly to your phone, it even knows how to listen for the sound of a smoke alarm and automatically send you a push alert when detected. With its motion and sound-triggered recordings, inexpensive price, and sharp video, it makes it a great camera to add to your home for security purposes.

6. Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated HD Security Cam Two Way Talk

Last on the list is the Ring Floodlight Camera. While it requires hardwired installation, there are so many benefits you can reap from purchasing this camera. One of its main selling points is being able to connect with Alexa and let you know when motion is detected. You can even talk, see, and hear visitors through your various devices such as your phone and computer.

Everything monitored in your home is recorded in high definition video with infrared night vision along with a live view feature. There are also built-in floodlights along with a siren in case anything suspicious is detected. Other privacy features that can be customized include privacy zones, audio privacy, and more.

With advanced motion detection, customize your motion zones and focus on the most important areas of your home. If you need to adjust anything it can be easily done through a convenient dashboard. From this control center, you can add shared users, select linked accounts, edit settings, and more.