Avo Fruit Holder

My grandparents live in the countryside and I used to spend all my holidays there, in their little nice village. This is how I found out that many people still use their arts and crafts skills to make amazing and useful things out of the material around them. They usually use natural fires and materials to manufacture things like fruit baskets or other similar items. But in time I found out that many people from all over the world make this kind of crafts.

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The best example is the Avo fruit holder that is traditionally handcrafted in Thailand out of a water plant called hyacinth. Actually this plant is rather dangerous or lakes and still waters because it grows so big and so fast that it can suffocate the water and all the living creatures inside it will die without oxygen. SO gathering this weed and using it for making crafts is the best thing to do. And it gives the local Thai people an opportunity to have a job and make some money.

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But my intention was to show you an amazing fruit holder made of hyacinth that has the name of Avo. It is obvious that the names comes from avocado, the exotic fruit we love so much. The fruit holder has exactly the same shape and color as that of the above mentioned fruit. I don’t know if this craft is easy to make or not but it looks really nice.