Avanti Platinum Countryside Towels

Normally I like simple things in life, but when it comes to my personal comfort and my bathroom, I like to be spoiled and have everything I need to feel fine. That is why I like these amazingly beautiful Avanti Platinum Countryside Towels. They are made of sheared velour and look like a luxury item. The edge of the towels in the set is trimmed  with satin, bringing some more spark and elegance. The towels are very thick and soft, pleasant for the senses, so when you use them to dry the water from your skin it’s a real pleasure.

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The colour of the towels is a light beige, very pleasant for the eyes and fitting any bathroom design, no matter how traditional or modern. The embroidered birds and flowers make them even more interesting and beautiful, adding style and class, making them look like luxurious items, indeed. Each of the pieces in the set can be bought separately and you have the option to choose if you want all or one of the following items: a bath towel, a hand towel and a washcloth. Of course the price is different because the size of every item is different, so you can pay EUR 38.13  for the bath towel, EUR 23.83  for the hand towel and finally EUR 16.20  for the washcloth from Bloomingdale’s.