10 Tips for Stylish Spaces

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to gain a beautiful home fit for décor magazines. By implementing some important tips, you can achieve it easily.

Add a Block of Color.

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A Pop of Color Transforms a Room

Neutrals are always held in high esteem in a luxurious home. They allow for clean, sleek lines and soothing atmospheres. However, a block of color can help to give the space an edge. Tip: The color should appear in small amounts to make the most effect.

Make it Light.

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Brightness Should Be a Décor Staple

There’s nothing stylish about dark, dull homes. In fact, they can make your space appear smaller and less hospitable. Let lots of light into your home by making use of large windows and painting walls in light colors.

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Focused Lighting

Also use lighting fixtures that focus on certain areas which need more brightness. For example, a spotlight directly over a kitchen countertop can help to illuminate a kitchen.

Add a Unique Feature.

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Get More Creative with Center-Stage Pieces

Being more creative with furniture is a great way to give your home an extra slice of style. Every room should have one piece of furniture or décor that is eye-catching and creative. In the bedroom, it can be the headboard. A creative headboard such as the one with panels in the above image looks great when set against a traditionally designed bedroom, giving it a modern twist.

Bring in an Interesting Pattern.

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Marimekko Shower Curtain

Patterns help to give your home character. Invest in some great ones that are classic and trendy, such as a marimekko design. The colors used on your patterns can be linked to the color scheme of the room, or they can be in a bit of contrast to it, providing visual interest.

Texture is Important.

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Warm up the Space with Texture

Texture in fabrics and upholstery elevates the mood in a room and can make a big difference in its style. Rooms designed with cool colors, such as grey, can benefit from warmer textures, such as fluffy bedding or chair throws. These help to counter the coolness. Think about bringing softening fabrics to a room to make it cozier.

Balance Looks.

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Set Eclectic Décor Against Stylish Backgrounds

Provide equilibrium between different styles in a room. For instance, mix industrial-styled furniture or grey colors with wood; while chevron-designed floorboards can be blended with a rug of a completely different pattern. This eclectic style is always in high fashion, and what makes the look glamorous is the finishing of the background: the crisp white walls and sheer curtains.

Make it Shine.

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High Gloss Décor

You want surfaces that look glossy and gorgeous because this is the epitome of style. This can be achieved with materials such as steel or chrome (think stunning kitchens), as well as smaller touches, such as glass mosaic and delicate light fixtures. Making sure everything is polished well is also a cornerstone of stunning shine.

Design with Use in Mind.

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Use and Beauty Go Hand-in-Hand

An important element of style is practicality. Focus on designing your home in such a way that it is practical and user-friendly. This can be achieved by ensuring you have enough seating spots for high-traffic rooms, such as the kitchen, and storing items in areas where you use them most often. For instance, having all your utensils above the stove where they are in easy reach.

Get Organized.

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Sort Your Stuff

Organizational skills can take your home from average to amazing. Make sure that you have sufficient storage space in your home so that everything has its place. An interesting way to display your items, such as the slanted bookcase seen in the above image, also adds some extra chicness.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect.

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Whitewashed Wall Creates Slight Rustic Feeling

You might think that your home has to be designed to perfection in order to be glamorous, but this is not the case. Sometimes a bit of random or spontaneous design can hit all the right stylish notes. Rustic, salvaged, or upcycled elements can look great with their flaws because they give your living space personality.

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