10 Décor Tips for Renters

If you don’t own a home, you might feel limited to how you decorate it due to landlord laws. However, there are ways around this. Here are some design tips to help renters make their living space more personal.

Floating Shelves.

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Display Storage or Art with Floating Shelves

Placing floating shelves in your apartment or house is an easy way to achieve extra storage and display your important ornaments without taking up too much space. You can even paint the shelves in interesting colors to match your décor.

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Renovate Your Furniture if You Can’t Paint the Walls

If you cannot paint the walls in your home, you can still bring color to your home by painting pieces of furniture because they belong to you. This is a great idea that can reflect your personal style while giving your furniture a fashionable update.

Use Rugs.

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Rugs Offer Various Décor Benefits

You might not have carte blanche on changing your flooring or even repainting it, but you can add some glamour underfoot. Place rugs on the floor to bring color and/or texture to your living space. Rugs can also serve as partitions between rooms in an open plan space, while being used to accentuate certain items, such as a coffee table or dining room table, that are placed on them.

Create a DIY Headboard.

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Creative Headboards Refresh a Bedroom and Save You Money

Changing the headboard of your bed is an easy way to transform the entire look of your bedroom. You could use a salvaged item as your bed’s headboard that can be dismantled and perhaps used again as a headboard or other item if you ever move homes.

Drape the Wall or Furniture.

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Drapes Bring Shape and Color to a Space

Drapes come in very handy when you wish to disguise something in your rented home that you do not like, such as a paint job gone awry, or you simply want to add an item that is more worthy of being looked at.

Light the Lamps.

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Lamps are Functional and Fabulous

If you cannot change the hardwired light fixtures in a room, consider placing decorative lamps in the room. These can be artistic and creative, allowing your décor style to be reflected, while taking attention away from the ceiling fixtures.

Flair with Frames.

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Framing Items is an Easy Way to Make Your Rented House a Home

A wall can easily be revamped with framed pictures but consider framing fabric, too. This is an easy way to add texture with material to your home, making it warmer and more personalized.

Decorative Storage.

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Store it in a Stylish Way

One of the problems many renters face is not having enough storage space. By turning your storage options into decorative elements of the room, you can keep this storage in full view. Colorful cabinets and baskets look part of the décor while offering extra storage options.

Fabric as a Décor Disguiser.

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Cover What You Don’t Like

Fabric can always be used to cover items of furniture that you do not like but that you are stuck with in your home. For instance, you can cover a bathroom basin with a small curtain of fabric to hide what you don’t want to see while adding flair.

Decorative Screens.

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Divide the Room into Chic Setups

Screens always come in handy in rented homes. They can be placed strategically throughout your living space to separate rooms or disguise something you don’t like, but they can also be used to frame certain items in the home, such as media and/or appliances. Screens that have a design on them can also be decorative items on their own! This prevents the need for extra furniture to fill out the space and best of all the screen is not a permanent addition to the room.

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