Wonderful DIY Make up Holder

Women tend to look good at every moment of the day. In order to keep their image fresh and attractive they use all kinds of accessories and spend a lot of time in front of a mirror or going to a beauty parlor.

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At home they have all kinds of stuff like make up tools, nail polish little bottles; lipsticks, many hairbrushes and the list may become endless.If it happens that you are in such a situation than you need to find a storage place for all these items.

Here it is a DIY project that might help you. For all these items you may use some other furniture objects as for example this spice rack that was used for keeping nail polish.

This vintage look spice rack can be painted in a vivid color that might you get a wonderful and attractive storage place for all your stuff. The advantage of this spice rack is that offers you a great place where you can arrange all this nail polish in an organized manner and at the same time you may see every item and choose whenever you please the object that you want. At the same time you manage to save your old spice rack and offer it a new use and design.{found on thespeckleddog}