Which is the best espresso machine for home?

Today, many people all across the world have grown accustomed to drinking fancy coffee drinks such as cappuccinos, espressos, mochas, lattes, steamers and more.  Perhaps the easiest way to get these drinks is to a head to a coffee shop, but if you drink coffee on a regular basis, then the best option would be to get an espresso machine for home.

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Selection of the best espresso machine for home is definitely a daunting task as there is a myriad of brands selling espresso machines in the market. In order to ascertain the best espresso machine, you need to find answers to four questions. The questions are –

1) What kind of espresso is produced by the machine?

2) Does the machine have the ability to make outstanding foam?

3) Is the machine convenient and easy to use?

4) How affordable is the machine?

The above mentioned criteria translate into four factors as follows –

Quality – The quality and efficiency of the machine are of utmost importance as espresso coffee is enjoyed best if the shots of espresso are excellent. You need to check, how is the consistency of the machine, what is the quality of the shots produced, how well the layer of foam was formed and did the sugar granules sink in immediately?  The best espresso machine would be the one that produces excellent shots of espresso with thick foam.

Usability/ Convenience – as you will be using the machine for home purpose, the best machine would be the one which is easy and convenient to use. You need to ascertain the time required for heating up the machine and cleaning and disassembling the machine. Ideally, espresso cups should be warmed before using. So, the best machine would be the one which has a cup warmer.

Looks – the fact cannot be denied that making a cup of espresso coffee is a form of art. Besides paying attention to quality, usability, and affordability, looks of the machine should also be considered. The task of coffee making can be enjoyed if the machine is good looking and attractive.

Value –The most important factor to be considered is the affordability of the machine. The best way to judge this is to work out the cost of buying a cup of coffee during a year and comparing it with the price tag the espresso machine is wearing.

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